People have been scammed out of thousands at Ja Rule’s horrifyingly fucked-up music festival


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People have been scammed out of thousands at Ja Rule’s horrifyingly fucked-up music festival

It’s a shit show, but oh my god the MEMES

Ja Rule hosting a luxury music festival? At which Blink-182 performs? In 2017? What could possibly go wrong?

Oh my god, everything! Everything went wrong. It's kind of hilarious.

For some background: Fyre Fest was touted as the even more luxe version of Coachella for the rich, famous, and famous-adjacent. It's taking place this weekend in the Bahamas, and it's the brainchild of Ja Rule (remember him?) and an entrepreneur named Billy McFarland. It's also a literal interpretation of "shit show."

It was expensive as hell ($1,200 for the cheapest ticket, and a quarter of a MILLION dollars for the VIP package that promised private beaches) and pimped out by Insta-turned-actual models Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid. Seriously, it was supposed to be luxurious. The best of the best. When you think of a million-dollar music fest, did you picture this?

LOOOOOL because that's what happened. It's been called a "Lord of the Flies" situation — and that's from people who could actually make it out to island. Security has allegedly been rounding up festival attendees, removing them from their tents and not allowing them back to collect their belongings.

All remaining charter flights have been cancelled, and tickets refunded — oh, and to get a refund, ticket holders apparently had to sign blank pieces of computer paper…..

According to one Twitter user, the fucking US Embassy in the Bahamas is coming out to help. Reports of flooding, filthy showers, an absentee medical team and complete chaos have taken over the Fyre Fest hashtag.

Check out this gourmet meal that a $1,200 ticket will get you:

Apparently, tents are on FIRE and people are fighting each other to get their hands on the shitty pieces of bread pictured above.

The official Fyre Fest Twitter account announced that the festival is officially "postponed" and getting people off the island is organizer's top priority.

It's sad, really. But also kind of funny. And by kind of, I mean this is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen. The memes, my god:

Sorry, Ja and Co. Better luck next time.