Two girls teamed up for a real-life John Tucker Must Die moment and outed their cheating boyfriend in public


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Two girls teamed up for a real-life John Tucker Must Die moment and outed their cheating boyfriend in public

And then broadcast it on Facebook Live

Everyone’s fantasised about getting revenge on a lying, unfaithful ex in public, but this is the moment when two girls did exactly that and teamed-up to out their cheating boyfriend in a jam-packed bar.

Mared, 20 and Georgia, 23 found they were being two-timed on when they started speaking on Facebook. Rather than turn against each other, they teamed up to get revenge. Whilst one girl met him for a drink, the other hid in the toilets and then came out to surprise him.

After outing the two-timer in public, babe writer Mared and Georgia then broadcast what happened in a Facebook Live video.

The three minute Facebook video peaked when 200 people were watching live. The video, which has now been deleted, had over 2,000 views half an hour after it ended.

A follow up Facebook post by Mared about the outing, with a picture of the three of them in the bar, has over 3,000 Facebook likes.

Cardiff University graduate Georgia had been on-and-off with the man for four years. Mared, a journalism student from Cardiff University, was seeing him at the same time since September for six months.

Mared started speaking to the cheater, who previously studied at Cardiff, when he messaged her in August on Instagram telling her she had a beautiful voice after she posted a video of her singing a Whitney Houston song. Speaking to babe first, Mared said: “We pretty much spoke every day since then because we gelled.”

However, he’d been seeing Georgia again since November. “They have a history of being on and off for a few years, so to me, she was always portrayed as the crazy ex, when in reality he’d actually got back with her and was also still seeing me”, said Mared.

She told babe: “He made us hate each other because he was telling her shit about me and vice versa. He ‘ended’ things with me properly the day before Valentine’s Day, which was brutal, and turns out he’d been taking her for dates for weeks, and he took her out for Valentine’s too, after screaming at me and calling me a psycho for ever thinking anything was going on with him and her.”

After “rubbing their relationship in front of her face” on social media, he tried to win Mared back, apologising and telling the second year “he’d made a massive mistake”. To prove he wanted Mared back, he told her he had ceased all communication with Georgia.

Not convinced he was telling the truth, and with no intention of ever getting back with him, Mared contacted Georgia to make sure he had been honest with the reasons for ending their relationship. Mared said: “I had a feeling he was lying, so I just bit the bullet and messaged Georgia. Bear in mind we hated each other because of him. But I was sick of his lies and wanted to get even. She called me and we spoke for three hours and went over everything from start to finish.”

“The idea to meet up for a drink and invite him was Georgia’s and naturally the whole putting it all over the internet idea was mine.”

Mared described the bar as “jam-packed” with “every table reserved”. Mared and Georgia met up before he arrived in London to plan the outing. Whilst Georgia hid in the toilets, Mared sat down with him once he arrived, then excused herself to go to the toilets to tell Georgia to come out. Mared described his face as “mortified”.

She told babe: “Me and her [Georgia] met up an hour beforehand and went to find a bar. He texted me when he was at the station, then I text him saying ‘I’m at Be At One’, and then she went and hid in the toilets for five minutes.

“As soon as he arrived, I excused myself, went to the loo and told her ‘he’s here’. I went to sit down again with him, and she followed me about 10 seconds later.

“You could tell he was mortified, he did such a double take when she walked over, it was amazing. He just started to awkwardly laugh, he didn’t really have anything to say other than ‘fair play’. People were staring at us but we didn’t care.”

After “grilling him” for twenty minutes, to which he “couldn’t give an answer for anything”, the girls left and began their Facebook live video recalling the drama.

In the video, Mared told the watchers how Georgia was her “ex’s other woman”. Mared told babe: “I introduced Georgia, and explained to everyone that she’s my ex’s other woman, that he played us both. I explained the situation that went down at the bar and how we were now good friends and how we were off to have a well deserved glass of vino after putting up with his bullshit for so long.”

A follow up post on Mared’s Facebook, which began “Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man…. Not enough of a man to two time us and get away with it tho”, described how the boyfriend thought he had a “romantic evening planned” with her and a “lovely spa weekend” with Georgia to follow. His face was described as “priceless” after seeing both girls together.

The post read: “Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man…. Not enough of a man to two time us and get away with it tho. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him so speechless.”

The post continued: “Romantic evening planned with me tonight, and he thought he was going on a lovely spa weekend with Georgia, little did he know that playing a LAWYER and a JOURNALIST wasn’t really a smart move.

“He played us against each other but never suspected that we’d maybe be able to outsmart his little mind. I wish I’d caught his face when he saw her walk in. Priceless. But we got this pic instead. This is his embarrassed face, and he should be. YOU ARE A FUCKING MUG MATE XXXXX”

The Facebook post now has over 3,000 likes and 500 shares.

Mared told babe: “We both feel so relieved it’s over. We’ve both had to kinda keep up the facade for two weeks and accept his compliments etc. We’re both glad he’s out of our lives. Onwards and upwards.

“Me and Georgia went for drinks afterwards and had a nice chat. We’re still speaking now and she’s gonna come down to Cardiff soon. Funny how dickheads like that pull girls together. Cheers though to him, gained a great friend from this!”