All the traumas you go through when you’re the Duff of the friendship group


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All the traumas you go through when you’re the Duff of the friendship group

It happens to the best of us

The term DUFF popped up in 2005 as an abbreviated term for the 'designated ugly fat friend'. Essentially, it's a tongue-in-cheek way of explaining that feeling where you look back on a picture from a night out, all your friends look gorgeous and you look like you've been dragged through Concert Square by your hair. Everyone's felt like the DUFF at some point in their lives, particularly me.

That awkward stage lasting a year too long 

Imagine year seven, slightly chubby, braces and overly plucked eyebrows. Facebook tagged photos will haunt you for life and the moment your new uni friends find these hidden gems will be excruciating. You're often met with "You look so different!" "OMG how was that you?" The difference between everyone else's traditional glo-up and your transformation is that your photos were from last year. Cheers pals.

That moment your heart sinks when you're tagged in a pic

After spending two hours getting ready, picking out the perfect jeans and a nice top combo and pre drinking echo falls in your accommodation kitchen, you're ready to brave the weather and head down to Heebies. Feeling like you own the club, you dance the night away and drink one too many, that is until you're sent home with a takeaway and an Uber. A week later the night is a distant memory until you get tagged in the official club photos. The panic sets in when you see a harshly lit, orange monster and realise yes, that's what you looked like the whole night.


Having to deal with the creepy lads while your friends get chatted up by fitties

Slightly too old, probably should be at home or are just a bit too strange for your liking, these are the people that approach you on night outs. Seeing your friends being chatted up by the only people your age on the whole floor whilst you're being offered drinks by someone who is the spitting image of your lecturer or potentially someones Dad is soul destroying.

You develop a pretty good sense of humour, making you the perfect wing-woman 

As the DUFF, personality really does account for a lot. If you need a non-threatening friend to help you approach someone you fancy, your DUFF is your go to. You're a great mate and seen as one of the boys as realistically, they don't fancy you.

Long distance relationships at uni are perfect for the DUFF

Not seeing your s/o everyday means you can embrace your DUFF status to the max. Having no one to impress means you can walk around campus bare faced, shit hair and very questionable outfit decisions with no worries! Of course, the snapchats of you post getting ready for a night out will be the ONLY ones to make it to your home friends.

hiding from bad angles and responsibilities since 1998

Hats are your go to distraction

The one fashion trend which either divides or unites Liverpool students are RAZ hats. You either have one and wear it religiously every Monday night or you cannot stand the things. If you're a DUFF you'll probably own one that you actually wear in the sweaty cave of the Raz just to distract from the fact that you're not pulling.

Everyone is someone's DUFF and more than likely, you're probably fitter than you realise

Although looking back at embarrassing year seven photos may bring back those years of low self esteem, it doesn't matter. You've changed, you finally now know what foundation colour really matches your skin tone and not to touch your own eyebrows. Believe it or not, everyone is just as insecure as you and most likely someone wishes they had the qualities you despise. Say farewell to your DUFF status: having confidence and learning your angles will do the world of good.

Sidenote: Your mum will ALWAYS tell you you look good.