Get ready to whip out a tit at Sephora — your nipple color is also your best lip color


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Get ready to whip out a tit at Sephora — your nipple color is also your best lip color

Trust us, we conducted the experiments

Nobody ever said picking a lip color was easy. You get your heart set on something funky, like blue, but you know you’ll never be brave enough to wear it. Then the sales girl comes up and starts making you nervous with her clearly contaminated free samples — not today, lady — and so you settle on a red or pink hue you’re not entirely sure blends best, and book it to the register.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you choosing just got a whole lot easier. As long as you don’t mind stripping in a shopping mall.

Yesterday, Twitter exploded with questions over whether our nipple color is also our best color for our lips, and for the most part, people seem to unanimously agree.

You’re staring at your tit right now, aren’t you? It’s okay, I ran to the bathroom to check too. Now if only my training-bra boobs could reach closer to my face.

But because nipples, like people, come in all beautiful shapes, sizes and colors, I reached out to people to see if they agreed.

I’m actually going to keep this on now, because it absolutely makes me glow. I feel natural yet still dolled up. I would wear it on a date for sure!!!”- @gailvivarx3

“I’ve always gone for shades that are similar to my nipples in shade. They look best on me.” – @jxnni98

“Honestly, this makes so much sense. I feel like I was always naturally gravitating towards colors like that anyway.” — @madelynphinney


“I’m not sure if this is too much information, but my nipple color is brown and my favorite lipstick color on myself is this chocolate brown color. It looks so good.” – @lofiknj

“When I was seventeen I was beyond self conscious about how pale my nips were. Whenever I knew they’d be getting an outing I would put pink lip tint on them to brighten them up. Now I know I should have been doing this the other way around.

“Ever the perfectionist, I mixed this lovely shade from several lipsticks in order to get a perfect match, and I feel like my whole world makes sense now. This is why I suit nude lipsticks better! Pale nips and pale lips 4 lyf.” — @LexiRowan

I just wonder what smart makeup entrepreneur will be the first to brand one of their shades “nipple,” because the hunt begins now.