These are the Instagram aesthetics taking over your feed this summer


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These are the Instagram aesthetics taking over your feed this summer

Clear away winter grunge for some dreamy pastels

Summer has arrived, and Instagram has taken note. As much as we love moody maroon lipstick and all-black OOTDs, sunny days demand more colorful vibes and luckily, gorgeous new aesthetics have been popping up all over IG just in time to inspire your next seaside photo shoot.

I fell asleep in a lagoon and woke up like this

hi ???

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The dewy skin obsession is real, guys. From wet eyelids to shimmering cheekbones, this summer’s makeup vibes are wholeheartedly “I dipped my face in water and blotted with fairy dust.” It’s beautifully lightweight and the perfect camouflage for sweaty days. Time to whip out your middle-school stash of Lip Smacker’s lip gloss.

Sunny picnics in sunnier meadows

what's your favorite book?

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This backpack has LITERALLY taken over the IG universe. It is everywhere, and by far everyone’s favorite colors are Ochre and Warm Yellow. Layered with an earthy background, well-worn novels and handfuls of sunflowers, this theme has us feeling nostalgic for carefree, high school summers.

Bubbly golden pink

Imagine a breezy afternoon, with a gentle sunset just beginning to emerge, and you’ve embodied this aesthetic. All muted everything, offset with sporty sneakers and whimsical settings.

Iced coffee in the shade

Okay I came up with THE CUTEST collection/ theme ever today and I'm so proud of myself!??

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Summer gets hot as fuck, so if you think icy blues are only for winter, think again. Watery shades of blues and green are cooling just to look at, and can make you feel like you’re in a spa in Iceland even if you’re sweltering in Florida.

Care Bear blossoms

i love everyone on here so much, i love you ❤️

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Why restrict yourself to one shade of pastel when you can have all of them? This theme brings back memories of the Care Bears, mixing watercolors and youthful whimsy. Shake off the winter moodiness and show your pride with bright rainbows.

A fairy embroidered my shirt

Can you be consumerism free? ??? collab with ?

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The cutest new way to update an old T-shirt or plain button-up is with a sprinkling of embroidery. Tons of independent artists have taken to showcasing their work on Instagram, from the daintiest bouquets to the greenest succulents, so get inspired and try creating your own!