The best, most savage memes about Trump’s (hopefully) impending impeachment


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The best, most savage memes about Trump’s (hopefully) impending impeachment


If anything good came out of this total fucking trainwreck of an administration, it’s either a) my joy at watching it slowly crumble like the crusty shitcake it is, or b) the memes. Maybe both!

THANKFULLY, it’s all reaching a boiling point and we’ll know if we’re facing an impeachment over that whole “Not aaaaall Nazis” thing coupled with the on-going “I hope we can let this go” obstruction of justice thing. And if we don’t, at least we have the memes.

My god, the memes!

Oh, I love this song!!!

We can blast this anthem by Carly Slae Livinglegendsen:

I mean, look at this iconic im-peach-ment pun starring Nina Bo’nina “I Should Have Been Blac Chyna” Brown:

If he gets impeached, you’re all invited to the babe office for drinks.

If only tweets = congressional votes.

Bye-bye Pence >:)

Catch celebrating in the streets afterwards, tbh:

Lock him (them) up!

Hmmm look who’s back:

My ass will be FIRST in line, no exceptions.

Can you imagine how lit the bars are gonna be that night?

Give me ACCESS to the bitch:

How about lock Trump up and free Bobby Shmurda?

The celebration will be legendary:

It really warms my heart to think about.

@Congress, let’s get this shit moving because I’m ready to be free and have a great time.