FYI, all your Webkinz are dead


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FYI, all your Webkinz are dead


Remember meticulously feeding your Webkinz carrots and taking them to see Dr. Quack to make sure you had a healthy vehicle to collect gems and slay other players in Supermodelz?

Well, I hate to tell you this, but all of your Webkinz are probably gone. According to Ganz, if you haven’t played in seven years, your account has been permanently deleted.

This is honestly devastating. All of that labor for nothing. I will no longer, in my old age, be able to look at my 30-room Webkinz house and know I accomplished something in this long, miserable life.

My litty Webkinz closet, my rare items collection, and all of my high scores in Cash Cow and Wacky Zingoz have been destroyed because of ‘limited storage.’ Those nights staying up until 3 a.m. to spin the Wheel of WOW an extra time, those afternoons haggling with your online friend to scam them out of their collectable garden fountain — all wasted.

Honestly, I might never get over this. Time to go bury my $300 worth of plushies in my backyard.

RIP little friends.