Make Ariana Grande POTUS. Elect Ariana Grande as Prime Minister. Make Ariana Grande Queen


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Make Ariana Grande POTUS. Elect Ariana Grande as Prime Minister. Make Ariana Grande Queen

‘Ariana Grande is showing more dignity and grace in the face of terrorism than the man supposedly leading the free world’

It would have been easy for Ariana Grande to hole up and recover in silence after the terrorist attack at her Manchester concert. It would have been understandable.

She’s not, after all, an elected leader. Most people would have scoffed to hear her called “a role model”. She’s a 23-year-old pop star – which made what she did at last night’s One Love concert all the more impressive. For even the most cynical people (and by people I mean me) it was an emotional watch. She brought people together in celebration when they were supposed to be cowering at fear, alone, at home. She even brought Liam Gallagher back to his best.

The concert, which was conceived and led by Ariana herself, was watched by 15 million people and was expected to raise around £2 million, but it exceeded that within the first three hours – it’s now raised over 10.

It could have been a grief-stricken, heartbroken evening, but after speaking to a mother of one of the fans who died at her concert last week Ariana decided to make it an upbeat, life-affirming concert. Although there were plenty of tearful moments – she finally broke down in her finale performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow – the decision to make the One Love concert a joyful event was the right one; it flies in the face of everything terrorists were trying to do when they attacked her fanbase. Many of them are children, many of them exemplify the often derided teen girl, “Dangerous Woman” culture they tried and failed to destroy.

And people loved her for it.

As many pointed out, at just 23 Ariana displayed more courage, dignity and grace than many of our world leaders in the face of terrorism. At this point, we should probably just impeach the President, suspend the General Election and overthrow the monarchy and install Ariana Grande in all three positions. She’d nail it.

Thank you Ariana Grande.