Get ready to pretend to be shocked by Forbes’ list of richest entertainers


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Get ready to pretend to be shocked by Forbes’ list of richest entertainers

Hint: it’s a bunch of white guys

Forbes just released its annual list of top-paid entertainers, so get ready to pretend like you’re surprised by the lack of diversity! Out of the world’s 100 highest paid celebrities of 2017, only 16 are women, and only four of those women are women of color. Shocking!

In fairness, women have been pretty busy in recent years. A lot of work goes into getting an amendment passed to make sure we can vote, and it’s still legal for us to only get paid 77 cents for every dollar that a dude makes, so that might explain why we haven’t yet fully demolished the glass ceiling.

Because it’s 2017 and oppression is somehow still a thing, it’s important to note how women aren’t the only people who weren’t invited to the Pop Culture Millionaire Party. Three full continents are missing representatives on this list: Antarctica (population: 5000 temporary residents), Australia (23.78 million permanent residents) or Africa (1.216 BILLION permanent residents). Antarctica might have a little leeway, but Australia and Africa? We know you have entertainment industries? What are y’all doing? The Forbes ranking also clearly illustrates how most people on its exclusive list identify as heterosexual, and all of them are able-bodied. Are you still pretending to be as shocked as I am?

It sucks there aren’t more women, people of color, disabled, LGBTQ+, and/or non-binary millionaires out there, and it’s equally upsetting how we now have to come to terms with the fact that Bill O’Reilly is somehow out here pullin’ in $37 mill yearly, but let’s not give up hope.

Although I’ve literally never taken a business class, I did watch The Big Short on Netflix, so I can confidently say consumers control the market. That’s the benefit of having a capitalist society – anyone can be a millionaire as long as they have the proper following. In order to change up the Forbes list, we have to support the people we want to see succeed. All you have to do is rally behind your fave and then watch them take the gold. 

Is this plan essentially just the plot for the 2006 Oscar-snubbed cinematic masterpiece Stick It? Yes. But is that how our economy works? Also yes, because y’all know damn well the only reason Kylie Jenner is on the list is because we’re all willingly to drop $29 on a Mary-Jo K lip kit. Our money is one way that we, as citizens who aren’t lawmakers, can easily make a difference.

The lack of diversity on the Forbes list isn’t shocking to anyone who’s ever been offended by anything Donald Trump has said, but it’s a fixable problem. 

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