Everything girls shouldn’t do at festivals, but do anyway and ruin them


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Everything girls shouldn’t do at festivals, but do anyway and ruin them

Don’t even think about wearing a flower crown

Thereotically, festival season is supposed to be the best time of the year. Festivals are supposed to be hives of debauchery, escapism, relaxation and fun, a place to listen to whatever music you like, party with your friends, wear what you like and generally just enjoy yourself. And in practice, festival season is exactly that – but like, only if you’re a guy, obviously.

Sadly women who go to festivals are under massive amounts of scrutiny for the same things that men don’t even think about. What they wear, what photos they take and how they act are immediately judged as “basic” by the good, misogynistic people of the internet. Twitter is basically the online hub of the old archaic notion that girls fundamentally don’t understand music, or really, how to have fun. That if you’re at a music festival you’re not there because you actually enjoy it, you’re there as a basic groupie lemming who hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

I know that sounds extreme, but read some of these tweets about the things women are hated for doing at festivals – ranging from being a slut to literally just existing – and tell me it’s not depressingly true.

Wear make-up

Wear flower crowns

Wear glitter

Dress ‘like tramps’

Dress ‘like sluts’

Have your ‘ass hanging out’

Have sex

Take selfies

Wear bras

Put in any effort at all

Alternatively, put in no effort and dress ‘basic’

Wear fake tan

Get on anyone’s shoulders if you’re fat

Get on anyone’s shoulders at all

And finally, literally just be a woman at a festival