Why did literally every girl in America read this book to learn about puberty?


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Why did literally every girl in America read this book to learn about puberty?

Let’s take a bumpy ride down Middle School memory lane

Prepare for a flashback. You’re in middle school. Your mom and/or dad starts to realize you are getting pimples and they are definitely not going to talk to you about boobs and pubes, because middle schoolers think everything is embarrassing. So they threw a book at you instead. Specifically, The Care and Keeping of You.

It seems like every girl I know had this book given to her at some point in Elementary or Middle School so she could learn about shaving and tampons without mom having to give a live-and-in-person demo. You definitely read this thing, probably oogling at the illustrations late at night – under the covers with a flashlight.

Remember the girls trying on bras to teach you about the difference between a trainer and a soft cup?

There were also pictures of breast development.

Or the graphic depiction of tampon insertion?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know there was a hole down there before this.

It was lit being able to tell your friends you knew the difference between a pad and panty liner

You were NOT trying tampons yet.

And there were some good shaving tips too

Had to have clean armpits when you went to the mall in your new cami!

This book basically saved us from being stubbly, bloody messes. And for that, I am eternally thankful. Middle School sucked bad enough with me knowing why I was so ugly – I can’t imagine if I was left in the dark.