We need to talk about the very funny, very weird way Halsey got famous


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We need to talk about the very funny, very weird way Halsey got famous

This is the most relatable thing ever, TBH

Everyone knows Halsey as the girl behind ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers. But who was she before she was the wig-wearing pop star of 2017?


Turns out Halsey was first popular in the One Direction fandom — and for some pretty funny reasons. Before being famous, Halsey went by her birth name, Ashley Frangipane. And Ashley Frangipane was a big fan of Harry Styles.

She was such a big fan of Harry Styles, she gained notoriety in the fandom for “The Haylor Song“, a tune she penned about how much she hated Taylor Swift for dating Harry and then dragging him through the mud. Her team has done a great job essentially wiping it from the internet, but small clips of it can still be found in the deep recesses of Twitter and Tumblr.

She also wrote an acoustic song about Harry called “S.O.S.” Again, it kinda rips Taylor to shreds. In it, she croons “She’s tall and she’s pretty and blond / And she can write one hell of a breakup song / But she’ll never love you like I could.”

The songs circulated on her Tumblr account, se7enteenblack, which had over 10,000 followers. She posted a lot of Styles fangirl content and would often tweet about the star.

Since launching into fame, Halsey has got to meet Harry and apparently is still starstruck when she sees him, despite reportedly dating his longtime friend Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer.

I’m just glad to hear Halsey thinks Harry is super hot just like the rest of us — and it’s even better that she got famous for drooling over a boy band. Tell me my Justin Bieber obsession is stupid and childish now, mom!