This new Instagram feature just murdered your Finsta


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This new Instagram feature just murdered your Finsta

We are blessed on this day

For the woefully uninitiated (or too pretty to worry about it), a Finsta is a “fake” Instagram account separate from your main, public page. It’s dedicated to ugly selfies, drunk pics, whatever doesn’t fit that VSCO theme you’ve got on your main, and it’s shared with only your closest friends. RIP to that logging-in ball-ache because Instagram just saved us from ourselves.

In Insta’s newest update, you can now share certain photos with only a select group of friends called Favorites. The feature’s always existed for sharing Instagram Stories, but now your regular photo and video posts can get the same exclusive treatment with a single tap.

When using the favorites option, people will only see the selected photo on their feeds if they’ve already been chosen — a little green badge will appear in the top corner rather than a classic notification, and there’s no limit to how many people you can add.

Go ahead, abuse Boomerang to your heart’s content.