There is nothing worse than having to convince your friends he’s ‘better in real life’


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There is nothing worse than having to convince your friends he’s ‘better in real life’

I SWEAR he’s hot

There comes a time, immediately after you’ve hooked up with someone, where you’re forced show your friends their social media. You’d described them as an all rounder – tall, well dressed, super hot – and naturally you need his Instagram and Facebook profiles to back this up.

But unfortunately, that’s never the case. Their pics are grainy, the angles unflattering and they even use hashtags unironically. “I swear he’s better in real life,” you find yourself saying frantically, to the point where you think this may all be in your head.

“He looks so cute!”, they’ll say, and you know exactly what they mean. Instantly, their estimations of him have gone from 10/10, to low six, at the most.

Typical features of a “he’s better IRL” Instagram include pics of landscapes, their pet dog (but not them in it, y tho?) or badly-lit group shots of all the boys.

But seriously, why do they do this to themselves? Don’t they know we’re gonna have to show the girls their picture, as sooner or later they’re going to individually stalk him one-by-one, picture-by-picture analyzing every tiny detail, from the people he’s with to the filter he’s used?

And this isn’t us being shallow. Wanting some decent pics is simply doing the guy you’re dating a favor by showing them in the best light. This is pretty difficult to do when all you’ve got to go off are selfies of them from 2013 wearing neon Ray Bans and a ‘hey bro’ tank top at Daytona beach.

The “he’s better IRL” brigade aren’t asking for much. All we want is like five pics with your top off, one in a suit, one holiday pic and maybe one with your mom would suffice. In fact, just one up-to-date pic would do.

Anyone who has said “I swear he’s better IRL” knows it’s ridiculous – you shouldn’t have to run to their defense as only your opinion of them actually matters, right? But really, you just want validation from friends that the guy you’re seeing is fit AF, not “cute” or “seems sweet.” Without that confirmation, you’ll end up convincing yourself it’s all in your head, and those pics of roast dinners and backs of heads just aren’t worth it.

Really, we know how great they are and want everyone to be jealous, so pls – just one nice Insta pic will do.