UPDATE: Taylor Swift takes the stand to testify in her ‘horrifying’ sexual assault case


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UPDATE: Taylor Swift takes the stand to testify in her ‘horrifying’ sexual assault case

‘He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I moved away from him’

Taylor Swift took the stand Thursday morning to testify against former Denver radio DJ David Mueller in a defamation-sexual assault dual trial.

Under oath, Swift called the alleged assault as “horrifying and shocking” in her testimony. “He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I moved away from him visibly uncomfortable.”

The singer told jurors the experience was new and entirely shocking, describing the act in detail for the court. He reached underneath my skirt and grabbed my ass, Swift said, emphasizing her claims that Mueller’s hand stayed on her ever as she “lurched” to move away from him.

The pop star claims former radio DJ David Mueller groped her ass under her skirt while posing for a pre-concert photo in 2013, pictured below.

Swift reported the alleged assault to the station manager, who subsequently fired Mueller. Now, Mueller is suing Swift for defamation, claiming it was a false accusation that lead to his dismissal. He seeks at least $3 million in damages.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is counter-suing for sexual assault and battery in civil court, seeking $1 in damages as a symbolic restitution.

While undergoing cross-examination by Mueller’s attorney, Swift hit back at his claim that she could have taken a break from the meet-and-greet if she was distressed. “And your client could have taken a normal photo with me,” she responded.

Swift also said she refused to stop the meet-and-greet despite the alleged groping because she didn’t want to upset fans or even hear her talking about it down the hall. Instead she thanked Mueller and his girlfriend for coming in a “monotone” voice. Earlier in the trial, Swift’s mother described her daughter as “destroyed” after thanking them.

The singer also said believed Mueller and his girlfriend were both drunk during the meet-and-greet and subsequent photo.

“It was horrifying, shocking, and we had never experienced it before,” Swift said before declaring she had no doubt it was Mueller who grabbed her.

BuzzFeed News reports Swift was visibly agitated by some questions from Mueller’s attorneys during her cross-examination. At one point she was asked if she could see the groping direction, to which she replied “No, because my ass is in the back of my body.”

As half of the case is about Mueller’s job termination as a result of the accusations, Swift was asked how she felt about him losing his job. “I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is anyway my fault,” Swift said. “It isn’t.


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