The apocalypse is nigh: Another Twilight movie is on the way


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The apocalypse is nigh: Another Twilight movie is on the way

This is…um…cool

Ah, Twilight. The series which ignited our obsession with vampires, werewolves, and getting married right out of high school.

Let’s be honest, even if we didn’t notice it then, these movies were pretty damn shitty. Between the stalking, bad CGI glitter, and the complete lack of chemistry between Kristen Stewart and basically anyone, we sincerely wish this series could dissolve into the deep, dark recesses of our collective memory.

But sadly, as we all know, our Earth is coming to an end. And the first horseman of the apocalypse is a new Twilight spin-off. According to Variety, the Lionsgate CEO said in regards to the Twilight and Hunger Games franchises: "There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them."

He continued, “If it were possible for us all to get in a room together… I’ve seen enough research to really believe that it’s really something that would be good for everybody.”

I’m not really sure what "everybody" he’s referring to, but if he means the demons who have fled from the fiery cages of hell, he’s probably right.

The world is super done with spin-offs, but especially spin-offs of franchises we were ready to see engulfed in flames years ago.

After all, that’s the only way to kill a vampire.

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