Tickets for Katy Perry’s tour are selling for less than a box of tampons


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Tickets for Katy Perry’s tour are selling for less than a box of tampons

No one wants to hear her roar

Katy Perry's shitty year is only getting shittier. First, it started with her chopping off of her hair in favor of the "I steal Black Culture" haircut. Then, she continued to run her mouth about Taylor Swift. And then, she did some kind of video live stream because she thought people cared enough to watch??? Oh, and then she had the audacity to release one of the worst albums I've ever heard.

I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so because recently Katy postponed her Witness tour due to "unavoidable production delays" which translates to "no one wanted to fucking go" and they couldn't sell tickets. Now, the tour is scheduled to start a few weeks later with opening acts such as Noah Cyrus, Purity Ring, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Here's the problem — Katy has massively underestimated just how much people don't want to see. She's so popular that people are considering buying tickets to see Carly Rae Jepsen and then leave before Katy comes on.

It's gotten to the point where she's having trouble selling out stadiums and some of her tickets are being resold for $10.

10. Dollars. That's literally less than I spend on my heavy flow.

Barstool investigated her poor ticket sales in Boston, so I decided to see all the available tickets for Katy's Friday show in Manhattan this upcoming October. The blue represents all the sections with tickets available.


Even worse? According to TMZ, the producers of American Idol are having trouble securing judges to sit alongside Katy. She's getting paid a disgustingly undeserved $25 million and they have the audacity to only offer Lionel Richie a cool $10 million. No wonder no want wants to sit next to her at the judge's table, they're trying to value her at a higher price than she's worth.

You should have never crossed Taylor Swift, Katy. Karma's a bitch. Can't wait to see Carly Rae, though!