Ass exfoliating and other beauty routines you can brag about over brunch


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Ass exfoliating and other beauty routines you can brag about over brunch

From your hair to you your butt

There was a time a few months ago where I was just an average woman, but now I am a woman with an exfoliated butt.

Some of you may be asking why I'm exfoliating my butt and I counter with: why aren't you? Did you know your butt has follicles just like your face and that's why you sometimes can get butt pimples? Honestly, we worry so much about our face care it's astounding we haven't discussed butt care before.

I'm a new woman — I smell better, colors are brighter. But butt exfoliation isn't the only beauty treatment I do or that you should adopt. There are plenty of beauty treatments you might not even know you're missing.

Butt exfoliation

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Not only does it make your skin softer but exfoliating with the right products, like Anese's That booty tho, can help make your shit look tight and minimize cellulite. Trust me, start exfoliating and you'll get the Instagrammable butt of your dreams.


A self-care Saturday. #facefirst

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If you're not getting routine facials then may I politely ask: what the fuck is wrong with you? Think about how many times a day you sweat, about all the makeup you cake on, and all of the other random things that pass by your face like bus fumes and sick people's breath. Your skin takes a lot of beatings day in and day out and not catering to your skin is a grave sin.

Deep conditioning hair mask

Smooth it down.

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Just because you wash your hair doesn't mean you're giving it all the TLC it deserves. Like our faces, our hair often takes a massive beating from all the products and styling tools we throw onto it. So stop being a fool and neglecting your luscious locks and get your ass to a beauty store and buy a deep conditioning hair mask. These treatments only take between 5-30 minutes… that's one episode on Netflix, max!

Stop shampooing all the time

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Conditioning is way more important than shampooing. I know that's not what we've been led to believe, but over shampooing your hair can dry it out, cause build up, and strip your hair of natural oils. You have to let the oils work their magic. Besides, that's why they invented dry shampoo so that you don't have to do it all the time. Skip the shampoo and sleep a few more minutes in the morning. Trust me.

Skip makeup for a day

Freckles on point 💕 #nomakeup

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Going sans makeup every now and again helps your skin clear up and breathe, could it a new glow, and also give you an added boost of confidence to realize that you're as gorgeous with makeup as you are without.

Drink water as soon as you wake up

This is what your recommended daily dose of #perfectlybalanced hydration looks like.💧

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You should keep water next to your bed so you can start your day with hydration. Not only is water the actual life force that sustains us but it has insane health benefits. Water is known to help excise toxins from your body, give you more energy, boost metabolism, promote weightless, and it improves your skin dramatically. Seriously, stop sleeping on water.

Gynecological exams

OK, so this isn't technically a "beauty" treatment but making sure your vagina is working fine and is 100 percent healthy is super important. In fact, it's the most important thing on this list. You should be making annual gyno appointments and getting regular STD testing to make sure that everything is squared away. When you know you're healthy and feeling good, it makes everything else a bit better and it makes you shine brighter. So don't be a dummy, get checked out.

It's not hard to take care of yourself and making sure your outsides and insides are healthy and beautiful should be at the top of your list. Remember that your butt needs as much love as your face and if your hair feels dry it's your fault for not giving it the care it deserves. Most of all, make sure you're in good health because without your health none of this beauty shit matters at all.


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