Surgeons refused to turn this woman into a ‘fuck doll’ and it’s why we still need feminism


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Surgeons refused to turn this woman into a ‘fuck doll’ and it’s why we still need feminism

Can she live??? It’s a look!!!

Plastic surgeons are refusing to operate on a woman who asked for a butt lift so she could look like a “fuck doll” — and if you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.

Alicia Amira, 27, originally met with doctors after a botched boob-job left one of her breasts entirely hard, and at first the the doctors were happy to oblige.

But during the consultation, she decided to mention a few other things she was interested in altering, including a Brazilian butt lift, and rib removal to snatch her waist, and was immediately shot down for attempting to make herself into a “bimbo.”

“You’re an intelligent girl, make good intelligent decisions,” plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif said to her, before refusing to operate. It’s also worth noting that both doctors are married to Real Housewives, so it’s not like they’re totally new to the world of “unnecessary” plastic surgery.

And while this might seem like a small bone to pick, it’s comments like this that make women feel like they need to apologize for their femininity.

“I want to look like a fuck doll but I don’t want to be a fuck doll,” she told E! “I know that is very contradictory but I feel like my body is a form of art.”

And she’s right! Personal preferences aside, unless someone wants something offensive tattooed on them, wouldn’t it be weird for someone else to dictate why they should or shouldn’t get it?

“I want to look as plastic as possible and inspire other girls to do the same,” she told E!, so jot that down. Here’s to a day when women are allowed to look like “fuck dolls” without all the judgment.

Nevertheless, she persisted. Amira says she is still going to go through with the surgery elsewhere.