This is officially the most ridiculous dress code ‘violation’ we’ve ever seen


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This is officially the most ridiculous dress code ‘violation’ we’ve ever seen

So what are girls allowed to wear, then?

We're inundated weekly with viral tweets and Facebook posts about girls facing unfair "dress code violations." Honestly, though, this one takes the cake.

Kelsey Paige Anderson, a student at Joplin High School in Missouri, was body-shamed by school officials and sent home from class for wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and ankle boots. Her mother, Melissa Barber, chronicled the entire incident through a series of Facebook posts.

In the first post, Barber says a teacher told her daughter this outfit was inappropriate as her "boobs than most girls, [so] you are gonna have to try harder."

*Update* I received a call from the school about my daughter being sent to the office for a dress code violation. I…

Posted by Melissa Barber on Friday, September 8, 2017

When Kelsey asked her teacher why she was being sent to the office, Barber says the teacher replied, "Bustier women need to wear clothing that cover their cleavage. Plus size women need to dress accordingly" in front of the entire class.

Though Barber says she can't comment any further on the matter at the advice of her attorney, she's determined to fix the warped dress code situation at both Joplin High School and schools across the country.

"I started this fight for my daughter," she writes. "I will finish it for yours."


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