These makeup brands ~suddenly~ became diverse after Rihanna released Fenty


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These makeup brands ~suddenly~ became diverse after Rihanna released Fenty

Wow, who knew people of color wore makeup too?

Last week, Rihanna dropped her Fenty Beauty line at Sephora, featuring 40 shades of foundation and a promise of more on the way. And as soon as it landed in stores, it disappeared from shelves.

Not only did Rihanna's upscale line offer products for a huge range of deeper skin tones traditionally ignored by mainstream beauty, but her promotional commercials and ads for Fenty were similarly diverse — and it majorly paid off. Not only is the collection a hit, but professionals and customers alike are praising the ad campaign's use of models of color.

Some brands have already begun scrambling to update their range of tones, while others have begun including more models of color on their Instagram. And while people are happy for the change, the fact it took Rihanna stepping in to open people's eyes to the billions of women they were missing is not something that should go unmentioned. And it's not.

All of these are before and after photos from beauty brands' Instagram accounts following the Fenty line drop.

Estée Lauder

The first photo includes swatches from their last set of foundations, while the second, posted after the Fenty line drop, includes about three times as many shades — all of which are darker than the ones before.

Before / After

Colour Pop Cosmetics

Even though these are eyeshadow swatches, the darkest arm in the first photo is far, far lighter than the darkest arm in the second photo, calling for different pigments.

Before / After

wet n wild

Similarly, wet n wild suddenly began using people of color to display highlighter swatches. Not that you could see them on that pale arm to begin with.

Before / After

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie's back to school lip kit features colors like "Mink" and "Brown Sugar," while her lines used to feature colors like Candy K.

Are any of those on the left even different?

Before / After

Before / After


Maybelline's "Fit Me" line clearly didn't used to fit everyone, because in their Instagram posts prior to Fenty, they only had six shades, the darkest of which was 220, which you can see on the left.

Before / After

NYX Cosmetics

Ah, foundations have gotten darker. Again!

Before / After


And finally, we have highlight and contour sticks for all, when NARS used to only promote the equivalent of porcelain (as seen on the left).

Before / After

MAC has yet to change their line, but their Instagram definitely looks different

While MAC have yet to update their foundation line, the way they're promoting themselves on Instagram changed dramatically on September 5.

Here you can see the way MAC's Instagram presence has changed in recent weeks as well.

Before / After

Same with Marc Jacobs

Before / After

It's not to say that none of these brands had this range of shades before (most of them didn't), but they definitely weren't advertising them until Rihanna did.

Glad it took us realizing we could further capitalize upon people of color to cater and advertise to them as well.