Eyebrow waxing is a scam, sorry!


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Eyebrow waxing is a scam, sorry!

Somebody has to say it

Maintaining your eyebrows is a labor of love akin to keeping an orchid alive or baking a soufflé. They require a delicate touch, and one wrong move can lead to disaster: dead flower, collapsed pastry, fucked-up 'brows.

'Since nobody is born with a Cara Delevingne situation going on (honestly, Cara probably wasn't either), which means that achieving tidy eyebrows requires an unfortunate amount of work.

Pour one out for this woman's eyebrow game. Via Reddit

Pour one out for this woman's eyebrow game. Via Reddit

The shape of your eyebrows makes a huge difference in terms of what your face looks like, and the shape and structure of your face are huge determinants of what 'brow style' is right for you. Throw trends like whatever the fuck wavy eyebrows are into the mix, and the whole thing becomes an ordeal that it's all too tempting to outsource.

But paying someone else to do your brows for you is a racket, because you can totally DIY that shit with a set of tweezers, some eyeliner and like twenty minutes max. Here's why you should take your eyebrow matters out of the salon and into your own hands.

You know your face better than anybody else does

If you're the kind of person who cares enough to get their eyebrows waxed professionally, you definitely spend a fair amount of time looking at your face in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. You know yourself, right? So it stands to reason that you know what's best for you in the realm of eyebrows too.

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Waxers only have to look at you for as long as you're in the chair. If they don't do the most flattering job, they might miss out on a far tip but then it's on to the next one. You are the one who has to live with the resulting eyebrows.

It's kind of pricey

Forking out $20 (before tip) seems like a small price to pay for good eyebrows, right? But depending on how fast your hair grows, that seemingly trivial expense can really start to add up. Financially, doing your eyebrows yourself is a smart decision.

Think about all of the new shit you can buy with your eyebrow waxing budget back in-pocket. I mean, you'll probably spend it on food, but it's still nice to envision yourself saving up and buying a Beats Pill or something.

You're probably already dabbling in it

If you've ever procrastinated on making an eyebrow waxing appointment, chances are decent that you've taken matters into your own hands, at least as far as the unibrow is concerned. If so, you're practically halfway to doing your own brows all the time! Just take what you're already doing and do it… more.

Plus, taking the time to sit down with yourself and fix your eyebrows can actually be soothing. It feels good to set time aside specifically for maintaining your body- it's part of why it's so fucking fun to slather on a face mask and lie down for 20 minutes. If you're careful not to over-pluck and don't stress about achieving perfect symmetry, it's honestly pretty fun.

If you're still not totally convinced, try going in for a final wax and then just working to maintain the 'brow shape from there. The results (good eyebrows) will follow, I promise.


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