Here’s how you can actually make friends after college


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Here’s how you can actually make friends after college

It’s not that hard

How the hell do you make friends once you're out of college? It might be a mystery but if you take a second to stop wistfully messaging your friends who haven't graduated yet, you'll see that, yes, there are actually ways to make friends as an adult.

It's hard — you're in a new city for your dream job but your best friends are scattered all over.

Half of them are still in school getting day-drunk while the others are back at home where they just send Snapchats of their dogs and have their mom's do their laundry. Mostly, you're living vicariously through them instead of experiencing life for yourself. But it's time to make your new city a home and part of making it a home? Having friends to hang out with.

Not everything can be a party (as much as we wish it could) but there are still fun adult activities that you can do to find friends. You just might have to stop being a lazy snitch for a while in order to do so.

Book clubs or crafting clubs or whatever the hell clubs

Book clubs aren't really about books. They're about eating free cheese and drinking wine that's not from a box while talking shit about someone's boyfriend or Taylor Swift.

Okay, maybe you also talk about books but it's mostly about the cheese and the tea. If you know what I mean.

Bumble BFF

Stop rolling your eyes. I know you have zero luck meeting men on Bumble but Bumble BFF is about meeting other professional bitches who are also trying to get their shit together.

You can find a bunch of different friends like the super serious artsy chick to go to museums with and the PR mess who will always do Taco Tuesday. It's not just about ~love~ on Bumble — friendships abound and they're honestly more important.

Every time my grandma suggests going to church, I cringe. But the truth you can probably meet a lot of cool people at church or temple or the mosque. You'll probably have a lot of the same values and ideals already. And listen, just because someone worships on Saturdays or Sundays doesn't mean they don't know how to party Mon-Fri.

And if you're looking to have non-party friends, well, you'll probably find them there too.

Recreational sports leagues

OK, mainly joining a sports league is about ogling hot dudes, getting drunk and finding yourself in screaming matches with Dave the It Guy-turned-umpire, but you'll meet super sporty girls like yourself who aligned more with Mary-Kate than Ashley.

Bonus: it's a workout and a friend-finding experience all in one. And did you know most of them incorporate flip-cup now too?

Through your other friends

You're friends with your friends for a reason. They probably (no offense) have super cool friends who aren't you. So why the hell aren't you asking them to introduce you so you can make a massive cool friend group together?

At work

This one is kind of hit-or-miss because you never want to get too personal with your coworkers lest they decide to use those pics of you from Saturday night against you when they're vying for a promotion buuuuut you can often find at least a few gems within the mines of your office and once you befriend your coworkers you might be able to then befriend their friends outside of the office.

Plus, you have someone to eat lunch with so you don't look like a complete loser. It's a win-win!

Networking groups (stay with me here)

These things typically sound really lame but there's often a few cool people who sign up for networking groups who, like you, are also driven and goal-oriented.

It's always a good idea to meet the next Whitney Wolfe before she become Whitney Wolfe, you know? Besides, meeting driven people will only motivate you more. We can't all be disgusting couch potatoes who don't wash their hair.

Someone has to be the adult and you're going to find your most adult-y friend in a young professional networking group.


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