This woman says she got herpes from a Sephora tester


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This woman says she got herpes from a Sephora tester

The swatch was not worth it

I always knew the tester products at Sephora were dirty, but more in the way that your phone screen is dirty. Like it's covered in micro-filth I know is gross if I looked at it under a microscope, but it's not the kind of grime that would really affect my day-to-day life.

If you ever see me pick up a tester again, please smack it the fuck out of my hand because a woman in Hollywood, CA claims she contracted herpes from a Sephora test lipstick.

The California woman claims she was at the store and used a dab of a sample display lipstick. Days later, a doctor diagnosed the outbreak on and around her mouth as the herpes virus, TMZ reports.

We've all taken a high school health class so we know herpes is a lifelong, incurable disease. And while it's not what's considered the ~bad~ kind of herpes (we can all chill on the stigma), it can be transferred to genitals if it's not properly managed before sex acts. The woman says she's never experiences herpes or a cold sore before.

In true American fashion, the woman is suing the shit out of Sephora for failing to properly warn customers of the risks posed by communal lipstick samples. You'd think knowing that thousands of people have rubbed that same lippie all over their mouths would be enough of a warning, but the woman said it never crossed her mind.

Get your coins, I guess!