New TV show ‘Raped or Not’ lets viewers decide whether a woman was actually raped


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New TV show ‘Raped or Not’ lets viewers decide whether a woman was actually raped

‘Some call it an innocent encounter’

"Raped or Not," a new show investigating the legitimacy behind rape claims, is still set to air this year despite tremendous backlash.

According to the Sun, the show will ask a panel of young people to dispute a judge's decision on whether or not someone was actually raped, by watching re-enactments of several real-life sexual assault cases.

After watching the reenactment, the panel will discuss the judge's ruling, and decide on their own terms what they think happened.

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Producer Bernard van den Bosch told the Sun he thinks the outrage mainly stems from the title of the show, and that once people get past that, they'll be saying "What timing!" instead.

"Those are personal dramas. One says rape, the other sees it as an innocent sexual encounter," Van den Bosch says, "Our show is about that grey area."

And with the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and actors like Brett Ratner and Kevin Spacey, this show might seem "timely" to some but for those who have been abused, they've been living with this for years.

Produced by Dutch broadcaster BNNVARA, the program will air in the Netherlands next week, and we can only hope it crashes and burns before making its way to the states.


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