Taylor Swift tried to sue a blog for calling her a Nazi, and now the ACLU is trying to sue her


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Taylor Swift tried to sue a blog for calling her a Nazi, and now the ACLU is trying to sue her

Call it what you want: defamation!

Taylor Swift's new album is called "Reputation" in reference to the buzz that her every move seems to generate — but there's one element of her reputation that Swift is willing to get litigious about ducking: the rumors that she's a white supremacist.

The ACLU announced Monday that it sent a letter to Swift and her lawyer after they sent a blogger, who accused Swift of being connected to the KKK, a letter threatening to sue for defamation.

The Blank Space that Taylor's held instead of any overt political expression since the election has caused internet commentators to (probably unfairly) speculate that she has ties to racist groups like the American neo-Nazi movement.

And it doesn't help that, apparently, she's also the stuff of white supremacists's wildest dreams.

That's probably why a post titled "Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lowercase kkk in formation," written by Meghan Herning and posted on a blog called PopFront, angered Swift and her lawyer enough that they brought legal action into the equation.

The post compared stills from Swift's Look What You Made Me Do music video to Nazi propaganda, and called on the star for not denouncing her white supremacist fans. "Taylor’s silence is not innocent, it is calculated," the post alleges.

I get it. Nobody wants to be called a Nazi. Even Swift, who's used to being slandered, isn't quite … Ready For It?

But PopFront is not a nationally known media outlet, and the fact that Swift and her lawyer chose to reach out to Herning specifically rubbed the ACLU the wrong way, who said "the blog post is opinion protected by the First Amendment" and called on Swift and her lawyer to confirm that they won't take legal action by November 13.

Swift has yet to respond, but it definitely seems like this case could create some Bad Blood between the pop idol and the civil rights group. Stay tuned.


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