Is your bra fitting right? Here’s some helpful tips to that agonizing age-old question


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Is your bra fitting right? Here’s some helpful tips to that agonizing age-old question

Bra fitting is the worst

Bras are a blessing and a curse. They're supposed to hold those puppies up, but they also can be the most uncomfortable things to wear ever. It feels like every time you walk into a lingerie store, you're fitted with a different size. We've broken down the symptoms that your bra could be fitting you poorly. You've had to wonder how should a bra fit?

What's up with the cups?

Your boobs should sit snuggly inside the cups of your bra. They shouldn't be spilling out to the sides or over the tops. If that's happening, you should try going up a cup size. On the other hand, there shouldn't be a gap between the cup and your boobs at the top. There's too much room going on so you should size down a cup size.


Where are your straps?

If your straps seems to have a life of their own and are constantly falling down your arms, you should look into a smaller band size. Slippery straps could also be from a worn out bra so it sadly might be time to retire your fav old bra. You might even be wearing the right size bra, but if you've got sloping shoulders, you should explore other styles. Check out some racerbacks or convertible straps.

Do you take your bra off at the end of a long day and see those angry red marks on your shoulders from your straps? You should look into your band size, but if that doesn't solve the probem it could have been the cups.


How's the band treating you?

Your band should sit straight across your back. A band that slides around on your back is too big. Try going down a band size (or more) and check out a smaller cups sizes too. Just because your boobs are sitting pretty in their cups, doesn't mean your bra still couldn't be the wrong size.

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