The Taylor Swift album track list leaked, and she’s doing a song with Ed Sheeran and Future



The Taylor Swift album track list leaked, and she’s doing a song with Ed Sheeran and Future

Some of these titles look dumb as fuck

Maybe this makes me a shitbag, but I love album leaks. I will torrent that shit until the cows come home. When Taylor Swift's last album, 1989, leaked a week early, I downloaded that too. I mean, I still bought the physical album because I'm physically incapable of not giving that white demon my hard-earned coins.

Reputation, her latest album, hasn't leaked ahead of its Nov. 10 release date yet (we've still got time, though!) but the track list has. Physical copies of the album have already arrived in stores, so some evil queen/king/non-binary royalty did us a solid and illegally took a pic to post online. Now, we've got every single song title:

Here's a closer look:

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As you can see, the second track is a collab with Ed Sheeran and Future. She featured Ed on a song years ago (Everything Has Changed from Red) and worked with Kendrick Lamar on a remix of 1989's Bad Blood, but having a rapper and…whatever Ed Sheeran is together on one track seems weird, right?

So now let's examine the rest of the song list:

1. …Ready For It?

2. End Game, featuring Ed Sheeran and Future

3. I Did Something Bad

4. Don't Blame Me

5. Delicate

6. Look What You Made Me Do

7. So It Goes…

8. Gorgeous

9. Getaway Car

10. King Of My Heart

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

12. Dress

13. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

14. Call It What You Want

15. New Year's Day

Some of the song titles look dumb, I'm sorry. I'm a Swiftie, which is practically a persecuted group so I'm allowed to say that. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things??? Don't Blame Me??? I DID SOMETHING BAD??? I've already preordered the damn thing so I guess I'm stuck with it.

According to Secret Sessioners and Taylor herself, the last song, New Year's Day, is a "wedding" song. Guess I know which one I'll be listening to first.

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