Gigi and Bella Hadid have a secret cousin who’s also a super hot model


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Gigi and Bella Hadid have a secret cousin who’s also a super hot model

My cousins look like frogs, sorry

Every time I see a picture of Gigi or Bella, I want to shrivel up like a slug left in the sun and die because my parents decided to make me ugly instead of a 5'10" Hot Bitch™ with a rapper boyfriend and sunken cheeks.

And now, I have a new Hadid-adjacent woman to envy-hate! Bella and Gigi's Dutch cousin, Joann van Herik is also a crazy hot successful model!

She's signed with International Model Management and Maxime Models as a plus-size model. And don't light me up for calling her plus-size, y'all, that's what she's called via her management team — her body is amazing, we all know it, etc. I don't make the modeling term rules!

Ugh I haven't been feeling well today, my throat hurts so much :( It's so typical every time the weather switches I get sick, and it's already getting cold here in The Netherlands. That means SWEATER WEATHER! When I was younger I always was so happy when it became winter so I could hide my body 🤦🏻‍♀️ I hated the summer, I'd have to wear shorts otherwise I'd sweat to death???? I thought my legs were so fat! I was so afraid what people'd think of me. I was always like "omg they're probably look at my fat legs" or "omg they're probably laughing at me because my hips are big". So stupid, because you should wear whatever you feel good in and don't care about other people's opinion. It just makes me sad that people judge each other on things they wear, if someone wants to wear shorts skirts and tops, let them be. If someone wants to wear the biggest sweater ever, let them be. If someone wants to wear something YOU THINK is hideous, let them be. Let people feel confident in their outfit. They're wearing it for a reason. So if you have a fatrolls and you want to wear a croptop just DO IT! Today, I'm posting a photo in my underwear because I too have fat and I don't care because I LOVE MY BODY! #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves #DontJudge 📸 by @rachelkeijzerphotography

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She's so pretty, I've embraced death:

I smile today because I'm so happy to be alive and healthy. I'm happy I can get out of bed every morning and I'm happy I can do things I love and I have people that love me. I'm happy to have this platform where I can share my ups and downs, my life, my insecurities. I'm happy I had the opportunity to get past my insecurities and to better my life, my health and my mindset. I'm happy I got the chance to accept myself and I want to help you guys accept yourselves too. You're unique, you're you. And you have a reason to smile, because: you're so beautiful and sweet and kind. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, never let anyone get you down. Your mindset is all that matters, you will never get happy by changing your appearance over and over again. The only way you can be happy and SMILE everyday is when you change your mindset and accept and love all the things you do have. Like a big booty 😏 What are your reasons to smile today?💕 #Smile #EmbraceYourCurves #LoveYourself #MyJourney

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She looks so much like Gigi in this picture:

I actually was really insecure about how this shoot (especially this look) would turn out. The sweater was very big and my hairstyle makes it look even bigger!!! So I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it because I was afraid I would look fat! So crazy, because if I see this picture I don't look fat at all. It's mostly just in your head, your insecurities. I thought I couldn't rock this look because my shoulders are wide and the hat makes my head look small…. But did I kill it? FOR SURE! Without my wide shoulders, I wouldn't have this hourglass body I'm so happy with! Every downside has it's upside. Don't ever doubt yourself. Everything can look beautiful on you, you just have to put it on and be confident! It's all about believing in yourself and feeling good in your own skin. It isn't about having a flawless skin, or having a size 0 or being perfect. It's about YOU being happy with yourself, it's about you believing that you can do everything. And if you believe in yourself, no one can make you believe you're not good enough, because you know you are. PS I stole Bella's cap for this shoot 😜😜😜 #BeHappy #LoveYourself #EmbraceYourCurves shot by @ilseisabella

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Cousin lovin':

I got you ❣️ #FamilyFirst

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Those Dutch genes are strong, y'all.

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