This Nicki Minaj fan art is even more deranged than the magazine cover that inspired it


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This Nicki Minaj fan art is even more deranged than the magazine cover that inspired it

An incredible feat, honestly

Paper Magazine's cover featuring Nicki Minaj is, simply put, a lot. It features the rapper posing provocatively alongside… herself, pantomiming sex acts, pouting and letting her wig get all up in her butt.

It is overwhelming, and I'm still not totally sure how I feel about it.

As a fan, I want to support her, but this picture also scares me in the same way that accidentally activating Siri scares me — it's so confrontational. I was just trying to look at memes, Nicki! I didn't need to see your boobs right now.

But while the jury's still out on whether or not Miss Onika #broketheinternet, I firmly believe that the fan art it has spawned is horrible. Like, some of the worst possible. So of course I had to share!

I'll start you guys off gently with this minimalist take on Nicki's minaj à trois — get it? Like Nicki Minaj! This one is 100 percent a joke, and I'm into it, especially the liberties he took with proportions. Napoleon Dynamite could never.

This one is technically pretty cool, but I don't love the artist's style paired with the original image. Nicki kinda looks like that lamb puppet here, and I think she deserves better.

Okay. So Nicki actually reposted this one to her Instagram account, which begs the question: does Nicki Minaj like Rick and Morty? Will a video ever emerge online of Nicki Minaj, looking typically flawless, screaming "I'M PICKLE RIIIICK!" Because if that day comes, I fear that I will not survive it.

#BreakTheInternet 👅🧡✨ #NickiMinaj

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Hell yeah, I love using iMovie to make trippy videos on my Macbook Air! about to #breaktheinternet like @nickiminaj 😍

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I honestly hate stick figures, and I didn't even know it until I saw this post. It's just so lazy, and the fact that this probably took like an hour to make is totally underwritten by how low-effort the actual art is.

I say this a lot, but this post is the one that will push me to actually pick up my phone and call the police. The longer I look at it, the worse it gets. I think my least favorite thing is a three-way (haha!) tie between the clown tiddies, "Penniqua  Trois," and everything else.

I like where this guy is going with the gender-bending, but I cannot abide by this lazy execution. If you have the photo-editing skills to duplicate yourself like this, why not spend more than 2 minutes in Illustrator making the background look semi-presentable. Next!

What the fuck is wrong with people!!! I hate this! This version somehow feels even more explicit and sleazy than the original in a way that makes me want to clear my browsing history.

This video is technically impressive, but let’s leave the bit where white people read rap lyrics with “correct” pronunciation in 2015 where it belongs.

lemme do it babe @nickiminaj

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This is creepy in the same way that all of those people pretending to have sex with Nicki Minaj's wax sculpture was creepy. Bad optics. Also, sorry, but if Nicki Minaj has to choose between sex with this dude or two clones of Nicki Minaj, he's gonna get banished to towel duty real quick.

Minaj À Quatre ~ #nickiminaj #breaktheinternet #papermagazine

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For me, this is the worst one. Why? Because it takes a different photo from the same shoot and just kinda… splices it in here for no reason. Why would you do that? It ruins the pun. And that's completely unacceptable.


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