Guess how much these insane, giant body-pants cost and then tell me if god exists


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Guess how much these insane, giant body-pants cost and then tell me if god exists

Science may have gone too far

A new "minimal jumpsuit" by ASOS has sent the entire internet into a frenzied panic as everyone competes to figure out why on this godless Earth anybody would ever need need pants for their entire body instead of just their legs.

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First Vogue was pitching us arm-tights, and now we're getting body-pants stuffed down our impressionable little throats — pretty soon we're going to be wearing leggings as hats, and once that happens we'll know 2017 got to us just in the nick of time. This must be why The Weeknd and Katy Perry are suddenly dating.

The jumpsuit which is currently going for $55 has already become a meme, with people calling the store out, saying, "I see you ASOS this is just big trousers," and the zipper and button front have lived to tell the tale.

Twitter users are now furiously racing against the clock to figure out who might be able to put this long-legged look to use, and they've already come up with a few possibilities.

If nothing else, this discovery has at least allowed us to pay homage to one of the greatest YouTube videos of our time — weird girl dancing — which is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season if you have absolutely nothing and nobody else to celebrate.

Even in the darkest of times, she's always been there to show us the light.

Besides, with the winter season fully upon us, this all-encompassing #look could be the newest cozy trend we've been searching for.

Perhaps the pockets are even large enough for us to finally fit our phones into, since we know we aren't fitting them in our jeans.


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