10 realistic signs he actually loves you because your life isn’t actually a rom com


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10 realistic signs he actually loves you because your life isn’t actually a rom com

We can’t all be Sandy Bullock

There's a ton of great things about being in a relationship, but sadly life doesn't seem to work out like your favorite romantic comedy. Not everyone gets to be as lucky as Kate Hudson. Your boyfriend is pretty great and you're wondering if the big L–word could get dropped soon. Here's the signs he loves you that guys actually do in real life.

He shows up

Obviously there's going to be times when he's working late and can't make it to drinks, but when it matters he's there. If you're in the middle of family emergency or medical crisis, he's with you. No questions, no excuses. The dude knows when he has to be there whether or not he can actually do anything to help.

He’s cool with silence

You know you're getting comfortable with each other when there doesn't need to be constant conversation. Silence can be tough to deal with, but if he's just hanging with you for the sake of being in your incredible presence, then that's a good sign.

He lets you be weird

We're all nuts at the end of the day. He knows you're slightly insane, but puts up with you anyway. He may not want to watch your favorite reality show reruns, but he'll listen to you monologue about it for the eighteenth time. Everyone's got their bizarre obsessions and he puts up with your's like a champ.

He returns the favor

You blow him, he goes down on you. That's the way it's supposed to work. No one likes a selfish bed fellow. Now, if he will even initiate making you happy first, then you've definitely found yourself a winner.

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You both laugh during sex

Sex should be fun. Animalistic passion is great, but that's not going to last is it? There's going to be awkward bumps on the head or a position gone wrong. Laughing through those moments is key.

He communicates (or tries to)

Some guys aren't stellar at communicating. That makes those out-of-the-blue texts all the more meaningful. Does he try to talk about the future or his feelings ever? Take what you can get and hopefully you can slowly foster better communication down the road. The important thing is that you see the effort.

Small surprises

You're young so odds are he doesn't have a fortune at his disposal to shower you in jewelry. (If that actually is your life, well aren't you the lucky bitch?) The rest of us are going to have to take pleasure in the little things. Did he bring along your drink of choice to a pregame without being asked or just ordered in dinner for you guys? He's a keeper and wants you to know it.

He introduces you to his people

If you haven't spent any serious time with his friends or family, then you need to reevaluate where you stand. He should be happy to bring you around his buds and meet the fam at the appropriate time. Your a major part of his life that should be intersecting with the other important people to him. He's showing you off cause he's proud to be with you.

He can apologize

No one likes to do, but he can apologize when he needs to. Fights are pretty much inevitable, but so are makeups (for the most part). He should be able to take responsibility for his actions when he fucked up and want to make it better. Listening and calling each other on your shit should be a part of every relationship.

Space is a thing

A relationship is never going to work if you're together constantly. He can't be going everywhere with you. When you need some time to hang with the girls or just watch Netflix in bed alone, he gets it and doesn't throw a hissy fit. Plus, absence can make the heart grow fonder.

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