This is what your go-to outfit on a night out says about how you party


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This is what your go-to outfit on a night out says about how you party

Shout out to my ‘jeans and a nice top’ girls

A skirt and crop top

If your go-to outfit is a skirt and a crop top, you love to party hard but like, in a cool, socially acceptable way. You're up on all of the trends and go to all of the hot new spots in town. If something is big on Instagram, you've already been there a million times. So often, its only Story-level content for you now. You don't even post pics there anymore.

You have an entourage that goes everywhere with you and they're all almost as hot as you are. They're great friends, but they've never had to prove it by dragging your drunk ass out of the club. You somehow always manage to blackout but still take care of yourself. That's part of the reason they adore you. Well that, and the fact you can go out half-naked and still look good.

A casual dress

If you hit the bars in a casual dress, you're really a go with the flow gal. You're the type of girl whose night-out can can go either way: some nights you prefer a girls night in over a night out. But some nights you like to pregame with pulls of Jack and con fourty-year-old men into buying you Patron shots.

You're the type who can be at dinner with a casual friend and convinced to go to Drake's birthday party that night with her friends from work. You are a pro at using other people's makeup from all of your spontaneous fun and have literally no shame taking ubers of shame home from wherever the fuck you end up every Saturday morning. But you also don't get fomo when you spend the night eating pizza and watching your friends snaps. Honestly, I wish I was your level of chill af.

Jeans and a nice top

– you're a casual gal. love a good beer or glass of wine with good friends. you like outdoor bars or bars with a view, but especially love bars where you can bring your dog. You get pizza legit every time you drink.

A body-con and heels

– you're a club girl. great dancer, love to throw down preferably with a hot guy. you play Drake at your pregames. you down tequila shots and drink fruity drinks. you basically go out for the instagram pics. People wish they had your feed. you know a million promoters and have stalked b-list rappers like jason derulo after they've played at the club.

Just anything black

-sophisticated & timeless. probably smoke cigs while you're drunk. drink classic cocktails like manhattans or old-fashions. prefer to drink at dive bars and talk to guys with beards. Put your credit card in the jukebox. You're really good at pool and darts. All the other women at the bar are always jealous about it.

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