This is what your go-to outfit on a night out says about how you party

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This is what your go-to outfit on a night out says about how you party

Shout out to my ‘jeans and a nice top’ girls

Everyone has their classic going out outfit. It's the thing you always buy more of at Forever 21 even though you know you have a million laying on the floor of your closet. You know, the outfit you put on after you've tried on those new clothes you ordered online that make your tits look like they're suction-cupped to your ribcage and your butt look lumpy.

What you wear on the average night out really says a lot about your social life. Here's what type of party girl you are based on your go-to outfit on a night out:

A skirt and crop top

If your go-to outfit is a skirt and a crop top, you love to party hard but in a cool, socially acceptable way. You're up on all of the trends and go to all of the hot new spots in town. If something is big on Instagram, you've already been there a million times. So often, it's only story-level content for you now. You don't even post full pics there anymore.

You have an entourage that goes everywhere with you and they're all almost as hot as you are. They're great friends, but they've never had to prove it by dragging your drunk ass out of the club. You somehow always manage to blackout but still take care of yourself. That's part of the reason they adore you. Well that, and the fact you can go out half-naked and still look good.

A casual dress

If you hit the bars in a casual dress, you're really go-with-the-flow. You're the type of girl whose night out can can go either way: some nights you prefer a girls' night in over a night out. But some nights you like to pregame with pulls of Jack and con fourty-year-old men into buying you Patron shots.

You're the type who can be at dinner with a casual friend and convinced to go to Drake's birthday party that night with her friends from work. You are a pro at using other people's makeup from getting ready at friends houses before spontaneous bar crawls and have literally no shame taking ubers home from wherever the fuck you end up every Saturday morning. But you also don't get fomo when you spend the night eating pizza and watching your friends snaps. Honestly, I wish I was your level of chill af.

Jeans and a nice top

You're a casual gal if your go-to is jeans and a nice top. Your idea of a great night is a good beer or glass of wine with good friends. You basically live in breweries – and you've hooked up with the hot bartender with the man-bun and questionable hygiene at least twice.

Your idea of a fancy night out is a rooftop with a full bar. You don't really know how to hold a martini glass, but its endearing. You get drunchies, like, every time you eat but still somehow look good in skinny jeans. You know its because they're secretly made out of stretchy spandex, but soak up the compliments anyway.

A body-con and heels

If this is your go-to outfit, you're a club girl. You're a great dancer and definitely the type who knows it. You use your moves for the free drinks but would never be caught DEAD making out with a guy on the dance floor. That's how you got mono last time. Your friends know you're always there to encourage them to drunk dance on the bar after a break-up. But they also know you're the type who will Snapchat your ass if you fall down.

Your go-to drink is anything fruity and you scream when Drake comes on. But your friends love your giddy energy and secretly envy your Instagram feed. You know a million promoters, so you go out 24/7, and have 1000% stalked b-list rappers like Jason Derulo after they've played at the club. You have the craziest stories and will probably be embarrassing your future kids for decades talking about how you once tackled Lil Wayne for a tit autograph.

Just anything black

If your go-to night-out outfit is anything as long as it's black, you have a sophisticated, timeless style. You probably smoke cigs while you're drunk, but not just like, any cigs. You buy Parliaments because Lana mentioned them once in a song. You drink classic cocktails like manhattans or old-fashions and can go on and on with guys at the bar about Scotch. You prefer to drink at dive bars and talk to guys with beards. Not neck beards. The nice kind.

You are always the one to put your credit card in the jukebox because you know nothing sets the mood like some good music. You're really good at pool and darts, meaning you've won at least a few bets at the bar. Your best friend is probably your cat, but you have a few close girlfriends who will drink red wine and talk culture with you. You know, since its not a night out unless you have an existential crisis.

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