Who is Wells Adams? Sarah Hyland’s new man and former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant


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Who is Wells Adams? Sarah Hyland’s new man and former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant

Their Instagrams are nauseating yet adorable

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland has a new man in her life. The 27 year-old has been posting up a storm since going public with her adorable new boyfriend Wells Adams. These two are nauseatingly precious together and that somehow hasn’t stopped me from watching every single Instagram story they've shared. They’ve apparently been seeing each other “for a while,” according to Ashley Iaconetti who was on a season of Bachelor in Paradise with Wells.

About that whole Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise thing

So Wells made it to week 6 on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette before he got the boot. The 33 year-old returned a few months later to the spinoff Bachelor in Paradise where he briefly went out of with Ashley. Wells returned to BiP this summer as the bartender, but still found time to flirt it up with his longtime friend Danielle Maltby.

The real reason Wells is such a glorious part of this franchise actually started when he wasn't even on the show. He started doing "Drunk Snapchats" after his elimination from Jojo's season. He basically films himself drinking and making hilarious commentary about the show. It's an absolute delight.

What's his actual job?

Wells has been a radio DJ in Nashville for years. He currently hosts Alt 98.3 and 105.9 The Rock so he's obviously a major music buff.

Beyond the radio, Wells also hosts a podcast called "Your Favorite Thing" with Miley's sister Brandi Cyrus. The two have weekly guests and discuss whatever they're obsessed with from Game of Thrones to clothes.

He's a serious dog lover

Not only does he have a Bloodhound named Carl, who has his own Instagram account, Wells does a lot of work with the Nashville Humane Association. He posts pretty much once every week with a dog that's looking for a home.

Damn, Sarah, you got yourself a good one.

She's my fwend

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Things are heating up with Sarah

Wells and Sarah kept their relationship on the down-low before going public with their love. They would spend a lot of time FaceTiming because of the whole bicoastal thing. "They seem really head over heels," Ashley told UsWeekly. "They are really making it work. They are going back-and-forth between the coasts every week.”

Wells met Sarah's family for Thanksgiving and took her on a whirlwind week to celebrate her birthday. He surprised her with a helicopter ride to Catalina Island and they also went to a Los Angeles Lakers game.

What you want Thanksgiving to be Vs. What it actually is. #boxwine

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The one relationship hurdle that they've yet to deal with is Sarah's TV family. "We're waiting [to meet Adams]," Sarah's on-screen mom Julie Bowen told Entertainment Tonight. "We're waiting, Wells. Right here in the Dunphy living room. Feel free to show up whenever you want."

Sarah admitted that the Modern Family meet could get intense because there's so many people. It's "not only the Dunphy family but the entire cast, and the entire crew and all of our writers, and everybody that's involved," she said. "That's the second family that I think is the most terrifying thing for guys that I date."

Given that Wells has some experience in the spotlight and is pretty much a saint to dogs everywhere, he'll probably be fine.