This advent calendar of horrible men is the best/shittiest part of my holiday season


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This advent calendar of horrible men is the best/shittiest part of my holiday season

‘Turns out there are plenty of bad men’

Comedian Jamie Loftus has been around the calendar block a few times before — "I made everyone I know a Robert Durst 2017 calendar for the holidays last year" — but this holiday season, she's taking aim at famous, newly-outed sexual predators with her Advent Calendar of Recently Disgraced Men.

Each entry has an evocative, gross-out illustration and a quick descriptor of what exactly landed them on the Naughty List (predatory behavior, multiple assaults, etc).

"There’s so many of these shithead losers being reported in the past two months that I’ve had to make significant cuts to keep it at 25," Loftus said. "I’ve tried to pick a mix of horrendous fuckheads from entertainment, politics, tech and business to paint a better picture of exactly how EVERYWHERE these people are, instead of concentrated in one industry."

Loftus already has her roster for the shitty, shitty luminaries all lined up, but it's "subject to change," which unfortunately makes perfect sense.

"At the end of every week there’s also a bonus ‘how is this pervert still working’ entry where a man who has not yet been disgraced is featured in lieu of a man who’s already lost his job," she told babe. This week, a certain scarf-loving faux pirate is on the chopping block. Guess who!

She hopes that the takeaway from the project is a positive one despite the serious nature of the subject matter, and that women continue to feel like they can come forward with allegations of abuse and harassment.

"I hope it gives people (women in particular) a little jolt of catharsis to see portraits of these men in disgrace instead of announcing their next chance to succeed that their victims didn’t have, while they were suffering," Loftus said. "It’s little, but when your president is a rapist who actively wants to strip you and every marginalized group in the country of their basic rights, something little can help."

Follow Jamie Loftus @hamburgerphone on Twitter or @jamiechristsuperstar on Instagram for the next installation of the Recently Disgraced Men advent calendar. I for one can't wait.


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