TFM just tweeted a shameless rape joke, because being a huge piece of shit is a ‘Total Frat Move’


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TFM just tweeted a shameless rape joke, because being a huge piece of shit is a ‘Total Frat Move’

Read the fucking room, y’all!

Total Frat Move is no stranger to controversy or tasteless, unfunny jokes, but a video they tweeted this week truly takes the cake for gross content.

In it, a girl drags an unconscious guy down the hallway of what appears to be a hotel, with the text "When your dick appt passed out" superimposed over it.

TFM's social media geniuses added "Getting corpse drunk and still making your dick appointment" to the tweet to really hammer the joke home: you know, that the girl is dragging the guy off to have sex with him, which would constitute rape because he's clearly incapacitated. Ha ha! Super funny!

Backlash was pretty immediate, but responders seemed to be in two camps: girls who were grossed out by the rape joke and jumped to the defense of the girl in the video, and guys claiming that, if the roles were reversed, girls would be… grossed out by the rape joke?

It's kind of confusing.

The entire thing is despicable, but it's not like TFM is known for their high-quality content in the first place. Finding out that a guy were an active TFM reader, consuming highbrow content like "Rush Boobs From This Week" and "Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines, Part 175," would be more than enough reason for me to not fuck him.

They're no strangers to controversy, either — most recently, they were blasted for posting a video of a guy using a shark to shotgun a beer, which sucks not just from an animal cruelty standpoint but also in a deeper, more fundamental way that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's because I'd rather drink a beer with any given shark than any given TFM staffer?

TFM has also caught flack from almost every woman who's had the misfortune of stumbling upon their site or social media accounts, and even once from the New York Times in a piece that asked "Is Sexist Rhetoric a Total Frat Move?" Which like, duh. Yes.

Of course, they've yet to respond to the controversy surrounding this particular video, its sourcing or its low-hanging rape joke, but it's just one in a stream, so why would they? Just like the infantile frat boys they're catering to, they can basically do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it.


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