This ‘totally chill guy’ wants to take you and a friend to Coachella for free



This ‘totally chill guy’ wants to take you and a friend to Coachella for free

Only rule is you can’t like Diplo

If, since the Coachella 2018 lineup dropped, you've been on the hunt for a sugar daddy willing to take you (and then quickly leave before anyone sees him), boy do I have a proposition for you. An arrangement of sorts, some might say.

This very normal, not at all creepy guy, is looking for two women to accompany him to the festival (ARTIST PASSES!!!), and there are only like 16 to 17 extremely problematic strings attached.

His callout, on Craigslist LA, explains he's an electronic music producer who "doesn't want to seem like a douchebag," but is "going to change mainstream electronic music forever."

Only thing left to worry about? A date to accompany him in doing so.

To apply you must

– Be "beautiful"

– Have another "beautiful" friend

– Not be socially awkward

– Have an interest in electronic music

– Be between the ages of 21 and 24

– Send him a photo of you and your friend

– Be willing to stay at the entire festival

– Not like Diplo (Seriously!!!!!)

– Turn down Diplo if you see him there

Don't worry, Diplo has seen the warning, and understands.

The lucky two gals will be chosen by our Craigslist friend's "two best male friends" (who can't seem to accompany him instead?), and he says he trusts them because they wear deep V-necks, so you're in good hands.

The running will be tight, and there will be a lot of applicants, so you'll want to get yours in ASAP.

Plus he's a DJ. Score!