ULTA resells dirty, used makeup returns, according to a former employee


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ULTA resells dirty, used makeup returns, according to a former employee

‘We cleaned lipsticks with a Q-Tip’

It wasn't until now that I understood why I love Glossier so much.

They're super aesthetic and their stores have cute, whispering employees in pink jumpsuits, but they're also really into packaging. Opening a new Boy Brow always feels like opening a box from the Apple store. But apparently not all beauty brands are as conscious when it comes to appearance and hygiene.

Ex ULTA employees are accusing the chain of reselling used products

Accusations against the beauty giant arose yesterday when Twitter user fatinamxo decided to share her experience working for them.

They were told to repackage returned items

According to the ex employee, whenever a customer returned an item, they were told to repackage and reseal it.

She says they resold 'everything'

Makeup, hair care, skincare and even liquid lipstick.

They would clean products with a Q-Tip to make them look new

Foundation sticks and lipsticks were wiped off in order to look like they hadn't been repackaged, and absolutely nothing was sanitized properly.

She cleaned lipgloss wands 'with alcohol'

When it came to liquid lipsticks, she says her manager told her to clean the products with alcohol as a means of "sanitizing" them.

They were taught to clean eyeshadow and let it dry overnight

This way they could be repackaged and resold the next day.

And managers would get 'pissed' if they didn't do it

She says employees would get in trouble if there were products in the "damage bin" that looked resell-able.

When she 'contacted corporate', they said it was fine

She says they told her they wanted to be careful when it came to mascara, but they didn't seem to have an issue with anything else.

They said they'd "look into the situation."

Apparently, her store wasn't the only one doing this

Other girls started sharing their experiences as well, and every one was grosser than the next.

One girl used a hairdryer to clean a brow pomade

Another destroyed makeup when a customer returned it so the store had no choice but to throw it away. (Our hero!)

And others were able to confirm as well

"All the stores do this," another ex employee said.

So, if you're going to keep shopping at ULTA, at least check out everything before using it, even if it looks like its packaging is "new." It's unlikely everyone is as heroically hygienic as the girl breaking the returned palettes.

We've reached out to ULTA representatives for comment.