This girl discovering her boyfriend has TWO other girlfriends is absolutely wild


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This girl discovering her boyfriend has TWO other girlfriends is absolutely wild

‘You asked if I had hoes, not girlfriends’

If there's one thing that's consistent in life, it's that dating is the most confusing form of socializing. We go straight from freaking over prom dresses, to finding out our boyfriends are plugging it in four other girls at the same time as us.

Lifestyle blogger, Paige Mariah Delaney, is a rep for the latter after recounting for her Twitter followers the time she found out her boyfriend was juggling a whole lot more than papers and pledging.

"I'll never forget in college I found out this guy I'd been talking to had a girlfriend" Paige said. And when she confronted him about it, he said, "You asked if I had hoes, not a girlfriend."

But listen to how she found out in the first place.

A girl yelled 'that's my baby' at his probate

If you're not up on frat lingo, a probate is basically a "coming out" ceremony for those who were pledging, and apparently this other girl had a sign made up with her man's number and everything.

Paige and her friend realized they'd never seen the girl

So they ran to her laptop and went all Nancy Drew on his ass.

She searched his name on Twitter and his mentions were lit

There were a bunch of tweets congratulating her "baby," and all. But here's where it takes (another) turn. The mentions weren't even from the same girl they were hunting down in the first place.

He had ANOTHER girlfriend — like a third one

Now we have Probate Girl, Twitter Girl and Side Piece

And probably a whole bunch of other girls, TBH.

Paige told babe she met her two-timing boyfriend when the two of them had a class together. "I had a crush on him," she said.

Originally, she said she'd asked a mutual friend to connect the two of them. "We started texting and he came over my apartment a couple times." She added they were in the getting to know each other stage, but that if she'd known, she wouldn't have been interested at all. Naturally.

We were hoping they would all become friends

But it doesn't seem like that happened.

Paige was played into thinking she saw boyfriend potential in a frat boy, but that was her mistake.

When it comes to relationships we can't live with them, because some people are greedy cunts, but we also can't live without them, because how else would we dish about crazy cheating moments like this one over wine and popcorn.