People are using The Devil to teach a lesson about sexual consent, and if it won’t stop men then nothing will


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People are using The Devil to teach a lesson about sexual consent, and if it won’t stop men then nothing will

Satan respects women more than most straight guys, apparently

OK, so tell me if you've done this: A guy is being really shitty to you and you text your friends and compare him to the fucking devil. You're like, wow! This guy is basically Satan. He's The Devil. Lucifer incarnate.

According to Twitter, we've been going too hard on The Devil. He's actually like, a stand-up dude compared to the guys we as a society have steeped in rape culture. Yes, you heard me right.

Apparently, Satan asks for permission before he possesses someone's body.

This sounded kinda, um, unlikely to me. Who actively asks to be possessed by The Devil? And if not one consents to possession, how are people possessed? Then, I remembered there's people out there who want to fuck Charles Manson, and I started to buy into it. But as the disciplined journalist I am, I also did some research into Satan and consent.

So the general consensus on possession is that Satan can only enter a person's body under two conditions: 1) They consent to him possessing them or 2) God consents to him possessing them. And since God will never provide human vessels to Satan, the only way he penetrates a body is with express permission.

There are lots of verses that back this up. In the NIV version of the Christian bible, Luke 22:13 says: “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail." In other words, Satan keeps asking Simon to let him in. And Simon says no because he's faithful (and not fucking stupid), so Satan had no power over him.

Really, this concept of Satan needing consent to do bad things to you makes sense. The Devil is supposed to be seductive enough to tempt you into bad things. He can't just do them with your body.

The message of consent taught by Satan's actions actually made its way into the doctrine of The Church of Satan. In the Satanic Rules of the Earth, followers are told to "not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal."

The Church has also been very outspoken when sexual advances are appropriate, saying sexual activity should only occur between consenting adults.

Honestly, it's kinda disturbing that the literal Devil and his fucked followers have more of a sense of appropriate sex than most Americans. Sounds like he could teach frat boys a thing or two. I guess I need to stop calling shitty hookups the devil, because that's mean to Lucifer. Like, the dude is kinda redeemable. He just wanted us to be knowledgable! But I guess that's a fucked-up Bible story for another day.