Kylie is confirming her pregnancy in the season finale of KUWTK


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Kylie is confirming her pregnancy in the season finale of KUWTK

It’s called ‘We’re Expecting’

I swear the only baby to ever really sell me a product was that half-naked chubster on the Coppertone suntan lotion bottles our moms used to carry around and terrorize us with, but with KUWTK viewership falling, a new baby is going to have to step up to the plate.

As of last season, episodes were only raking around 1.5 million views. I know that sounds like a lot, but do you remember when a Kim K wedding could pull more than 10.5 million? We must salvage these KUWTK goods! But don't panic, because I have proof that bun in Kylie's oven is going to pop out and save the day.

Check this out. TURNS OUT the the season finale of KUWTK is going to be called "We’re Expecting!" and the only one left who could possibly still be expecting — barring Kourt or Kendall — is Kylie, since the episodes where Khloé and Kim announce they’re expecting have already aired.

We're totally getting Kylie confirmation!!!!!

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The episode airs February 25, and if nothing else it'll at least be bigger than the Superbowl. Who even are the Eagles anyway? And forget about the Patriots. Tom Brady totally voted for Trump — I feel it in my bones.

Let's all agree to support the angelic KarJenner sisters instead.