HOLD UP. Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott engaged?!


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HOLD UP. Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott engaged?!

Why am I so jealous?

I'll admit, when I heard Kylie was actually pregnant — like had given birth typa pregnant — I was 100 percent jealous. That sounds crazy because I'm 23, can barely keep a blade of grass alive and have zero interest in even meeting The One before the age of 27, but nonetheless, there I was texting my friends shit like "Great, Kylie made pregnancy trendy again and here we are, still on birth control."

So now imagine how jealous I was to find out, not only did she welcome a "perfectly healthy little girl" with "chubby cheeks" into the world on February 1st, but she might be engaged, too?! It's too much for my single, lifeless heart to handle.

Anyway, enough about me. Look at this massive glittering rock on her damn engagement ring finger:

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Fans have already pointed out that in her To Our Daughter video she wasn't wearing any ring at the time of her baby shower, leading to the assumption she and Travis got engaged some time over Christmas.

And now everybody else is jealous, too

'So are we gonna ignore the fact that Kylie is engaged?'

'That is a nice ring on her finger'

'How long is she gonna hide that she might be engaged?'

'Who else saw that big ass ring on her left hand'

Earlier this week, People reported the two have "no plans" to get engaged anytime soon, but this ring is surely whispering otherwise.

Remember in 2015 when there were rumors about Kylie being engaged to Tyga? This is like the same, except so much better.


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