This vlogger says you can cure cancer with happy thoughts and juice — and she’s making money doing it


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This vlogger says you can cure cancer with happy thoughts and juice — and she’s making money doing it

She thinks doctors are poisoning you, too

Few diseases are scarier than cancer, as anyone who’s had it will tell you – nerve-racking days in waiting rooms, sleepless nights weighing up the odds of your death. It’s only human that at your most vulnerable, you’ll go online to research any advice on how to handle your diagnosis.

Which is why you'd have to be a real piece of shit like Brittany Auerbach to try and profit off of cancer patients looking for a shred of hope. Auerbach is a prominent health vlogger with over a hundred thousand followers on her YouTube channel, MontrealHealthyGirl. Posting videos looking like your typical internet personality, she rakes in millions of views from desperate people by peddling pure, utter bullshit.

Take one of her typical videos, which has nearly 150,000 views, called Naturally Heal your Cancer OVERNIGHT: You absolutely can reverse this!

  • Addressing cancer patients with a stage four or terminal diagnosis, she literally says:

    "Overnight you can stop new cancer cells from growing. It’s important that people realize how quickly this really happens. Once you start flooding your body with alkaline minerals, enough water, the right nutrition, loads of rest, peaceful, loving thoughts. Surround yourself with people that love you. Do activities that you enjoy. Feel hopeful and excited. Live the life that you’ve wanted to live your whole life and haven’t. Let go of those negative emotions. Do what you can. All of those tools can be adopted right now, and guess what, they will change your internal chemistry overnight."

    You read that right – "peaceful, loving thoughts" and doing "activities that you enjoy" will stop cancer cells from growing.

    Auerbach makes money from her bonkers claims, too. Her high-performing YouTube videos are monetized and her site hawks books for insanely high prices – a book about a three day juice cleanse costs $55. A package of her e-books about healing will set you back $197.

  • In another video with almost half a million views, she tells her fans that juice – fucking juice – can cure cancer.

    "If you want my honest truth from the bottom of my heart and soul, I feel that if you drank nothing but fresh juice for 30-60 days, like gallons of juice a day, basically like a 16 ounce juice every hour and a half to two hours throughout the day, or more juice even, I literally feel like you can reverse stage four cancer within a few months."

    Later in the clip, she adds: "Even if you were to drink nothing but cucumber-celery juice, just that, I truly feel that you could completely reverse your cancer, just drinking that and only that for an entire month."

    Auerbach, who does not have a degree in medicine, is quick to point out not just that "doctors know nothing." She reminds her hundreds of thousands of followers to distrust conventional medicine. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are trying to "poison" you, apparently.

    "Chemotherapy and radiation are the most volatile cancer causing agents known on Planet Earth," she says. "Cancer causing agents, not cancer eliminating agents."

    "A lot of those chemotherapy drugs are the same drugs that they used to put in wars on people, that would incapacitate people and cause crippling birth defects," she continues. "The most poisonous chemicals ever created on Planet Earth are chemotherapy drugs. The most poisoned you can ever be from anything up to date is to poison yourself with chemotherapy."

    Brittany Auerbach

    Chillingly, she describes at one point how she would deny cancer treatment to her future children.

    "You better believe that if I had kids or if I ever have kids and they get cancer, God forbid, I would absolutely go the natural route. I would never give them chemo and radiation."

    By the way, her bullshit doesn't stop at cancer – she likes to preach anti-vaccine garbage too. She tells her fans in one video: "It's my belief that when children are dealing with chronic colds and infections, it's usually the result of some kind of recent vaccine exposure."

    If you have viral issues, she warns in another vlog: "You’re going to want to stay far away from vaccinations."

  • One of the worst things about Auerbach's videos is that she tries to give off the impression that she's well-versed in science and medicine and has the first idea of what she's talking about.

    In 100% proof you can completely heal and reverse your disease and how to do it! she explains: "I don’t tell you these things for fun. I don’t tell you these things because I’m guessing. I tell you these things because I know. I’m super educated about the workings of the body. And I really understand chemistry."

    As a leading medical expert told me, Auerbach is neither even remotely educated about the workings of the body, nor does she really understand chemistry.

    Speaking to babe, Dr. Jen Gunter, who writes about bogus medicine said what Auerbach preaches is "just not true."

    She said:

    "This idea that positive thought and drinking juice is going to cure cancer is not only biologically illiterate but cruel. It makes me think about all the people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and having surgery to save their lives – the idea that some fantasy could cure them is just cruel.

    "Drinking gallons of juice every hour is sure gonna make you pee a lot and might give you a little Vitamin C. But juice is actually of little to nutritional value and not really good for anything, health-wise."

    She added that Auerbach's videos were "really offensive," explaining: "She’s preying on people who are vulnerable. People shouldn’t be getting medical advice about how to treat their cancer from a blogger who hasn’t gone to medical school."

  • Auerbach, surprisingly, did not respond to our repeated requests for comment. A recent blog post of hers says she's at this place called the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, a retreat where you can "benefit from health and nutritional counseling, non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state of the art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals."

    She claims in the post how alternative medicine helped her overcome a degenerative disease.

    "Today I am a different person, a better version of myself than I ever knew was possible and I feel honored to be able to express that you can absolutely do the same."

    Just send her $55 dollars to get started.