Glossier and Drunk Elephant are fighting in Instagram post comments, and I’m LIVING for this drama


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Glossier and Drunk Elephant are fighting in Instagram post comments, and I’m LIVING for this drama


There's nothing more embarrassing than getting exposed on social media — which is why it's so delicious to watch it happen to other people.

So when I saw a post on Reddit detailing a spectacular fuck-up by skincare brand Drunk Elephant, I was elated.

Basically, they got caught with a burner account

If you've ever read the comments on a Glossier post, you know that shit can get pretty petty. So it wasn't totally surprising to see a couple of users bickering over fragrance in Glossier's Solution — a new chemical exfoliant the brand debuted last week.

And even though one of the comments accused Glossier of copying Drunk Elephant's packaging, which doesn't totally make sense, I would have been ready to let it go.

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But then, the unthinkable happened: the official Instagram for Drunk Elephant Skincare responded to a comment meant for user @stephgrey3434 (an account which has since been deleted).

"Fragrance doesn't belong in skincare products," Drunk Elephant said. "Its not good for you so why do companies keep using it… I wanted to get this for my daughter because it's a cheap alternative but now I can't."

Your daughter, Drunk Elephant Skincare Jr.?

And apparently, Instagram isn't the only place Drunk Elephant uses fake accounts

According to Reddit users in the site's largest subreddit for skincare, r/skincareaddiction, Drunk Elephant uses dummy Reddit accounts to defend their products too.

Users identified one account, u/lydiathompson11, as a Drunk Elephant employee in disguise and a quick visit to "her" comment history definitely backs up that theory.

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In response to a post titled "Anyone else really disappointed with Drunk Elephant products?" lydiathompson11 responds: "Not me! It's the best I've ever used. I have quit using every other product and it works better together as a system." Very, very sneaky.

Another Reddit account that claims to be affiliated with Drunk Elephant said the comment was left by "someone who was given our password in the past," not a current Drunk Elephant team member.

"We pride ourselves on our core values as a company and it’s a reality as you grow that there will be mistakes made and drama," the account said. "This wasn’t the first time and it will not be the last. On social media, things can and do happen and all we just learn from them."

No telling if that statement is official, not that they'd need to make an official statement in the first place. We're all just fucking around online — Drunk Elephant just needs to make sure they don't get caught next time.


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