Why is everyone in Hollywood scared of Blue Ivy, a literal six-year-old?


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Why is everyone in Hollywood scared of Blue Ivy, a literal six-year-old?

Is she a Regina George in the making? I support it.

We all know Beyonce is the most beloved star of the decade — and maybe the century. She's talented, clearly doesn't give a fuck about what other people think, and was willing to drag the love of her life for Grammy-worthy revenge. She's also a diva, but in a she's-worth-it kind of way. She shut down a hospital wing to give birth. She keeps tabs on all photos of her available to the public. I mean, she literally sang a song about being a diva. But did Beyonce's diva-ing go a little too far? Did she accidentally create THE diva of our time?

It seems like everyone is scared of Blue Ivy, Beyonce's daughter who is just six years old. In a recent interview with radio station BBC 1, Camila Cabello said she felt insecure when she saw videos of Blue talking during her Grammy's speech.

“I surprised myself," she said, "I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ Do you think she didn’t like my speech?” Basically, Camila was genuinely worried that a kid — who probably doesn't even have the developed motor skills to can't even tie her own shoes yet — liked her speech about immigration reform. She was probably just asking for a Capri Sun, bitch! Relax!

But Camila isn't the only one who seems scared of Blue. Her parents look genuinely afraid every time they interact with her.

I mean, have you ever seen photos of her and Jay-Z?

He looks both terrified and disgusted at the same time.

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The fear in his eyes as he assesses the cotton candy

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The fear in his eyes as Blue dominates his personal space

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The fear in his eyes when he thinks about how he's ranked eight in the family, after the twin babies, Solange, and Tina

And people really think there's something going on between Beyonce and Blue

While I'd be scared to utter a word to Beyonce, Blue keeps her in check.

It seems absolutely ridiculous to be so scared of a kid that can barely write her name, so I can't help but think there's good reason. Blue Ivy is definitely THAT bitch. She is going to be a fucking force to be reckoned with when she's old enough for Beyonce to slap her in a girls group.

Blue will probably grow up to be Hollywood's new mean girl. I mean, if she's not already there. When she's not learning to read or playing patty cake, she's scaring the up-and-coming artist of 2018 with the flick of her wrist. That seems like a Regina George superpower to me. But I guess you know what they say — the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. And when your mom is Beyonce, you're bound to be a baddie.

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