This conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift orchestrated Kim Kardashian’s robbery is TERRIFYING…but convincing


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This conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift orchestrated Kim Kardashian’s robbery is TERRIFYING…but convincing

I’m not saying it’s true, but I’m also not saying it’s NOT true

We all remember THE Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian feud™. You know, the one where Taylor Swift pretended she didn’t know Kanye was going to call her a bitch in “Famous”, so Kim exposed her on Snapchat? Then Taylor said she “would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” It was basically the biggest story of 2016.

But some people on Twitter think their feud runs deeper than we all realized — and even got a little violent. Here’s the scoop:

Taylor Swift released ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ in August 2017, a song ostensibly about her feud with Kim and Kanye

Everyone knew it. Think about the snake rings, the lyrics, the lengthy allusion to her and Kanye’s VMA spat…

  • A lot of us thought the thing Kim and Kanye ‘made her do’ was release an iconic 80’s-inspired single

    Or maybe they made her rebrand herself as the mean girl. Either way, her critically-acclaimed album Reputation seemed to be her revenge.

    But some girls on Twitter think she is implying the couple ‘made her’ pretend to rob Kim to get even

    The robbery happened in October 2016. Their feud came to a head in July 2016, when Kim showed a video of Taylor talking to Kanye about ‘Famous’

    Some people think Taylor hired people to intimidate Kim in Paris following their argument, and evidence their theories with the amount of orchestration (and money) the robbery seemed to require.

    Think about it: A lot of things had to go wrong for this robbery to happen. Or, it required a lot of money

    First, the criminals needed to know Kim’s location and the location of her security team. While this information could’ve maybe been found by surveying her every move, it more likely required tips from paparazzi or Kim’s posse. That costs money. Lots of it.

    They also needed Kim’s bodyguard to be missing. The night of the robbery, her security team was at a Parisian club with her assistant, Kourtney, and Kendall, thinking the star was safe in her hotel room. Seems like an ugly coincidence…unless it was organized.

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    Also, the robbers needed to get through hotel security. According to People, “there’s a receptionist downstairs who buzzes you through the door in the courtyard and a nightman” at the hotel. Neither of them were able to stop the attack?

    Think about it: First, the receptionist let the robbers in. Then, the nightman, who presumably is employed to protect the hotel, was handcuffed by the robbers and led to Kim’s room. But Kim described him as “eerily calm” during the entire ordeal, according to People‘s source. It seems likely that both hotel employees did little to stop the attack, or may have even known about it? Logically, they could’ve been paid off.

    Even security experts think it could’ve been an inside job

    Kim being harassed by paparazzi just a few days before the attack

    A managing partner at Incident Management Group, a security consulting firm, told People, “It’s an inside job, or she’s been under surveillance. I think it’s a blend of [both].”

    Taylor potentially had motives to rough Kim up a little bit

    Taylor is hyper-vigilant about her appearance in the media. Her attention to PR is a running joke. She was completely ruined by Kim and Kanye’s takedown of her character. So much so that she released an entire album about it. The perfect persona she had crafted in her fame-induced isolation had been destroyed. Her future success looked rocky. Her celebrity friends were leaving her…but she had copious amounts of money. And she never seemed to seek revenge in any other way.

    I know it seems far-fetched, but let’s think of a real-world parallel. You know the Tonya Harding story? Tonya and her ex-husband (or just her ex-husband, depending on your personal beliefs) claim they paid off two men to “intimidate” Nancy Kerrigan before the Ice Skating National Championship. Instead, the thug they hired cracked her knee.

    So who’s to say this wasn’t similar. Whaaat if Taylor sent some criminals to rough Kim up a bit and it went too far? Or what if she sent them to rob her and it went perfectly? What I’m trying to say is, there’s people out there in real life who hire people to do fucked up things. People get assassinated. People get extorted and tortured and all kinds of nasty stuff. If Tonya can do it, so can anyone.

    Now that I told you all of this, let me show you some things about the Look What You Made Me Do video you’ve probably never noticed before

    There’s an entire scene in the video where Taylor is in the bathtub. While I first thought this was just her being like “Fuck y’all poor people, I bathe in diamonds,” I started to realize it could be an allusion to the robbery.

    About $5 million of Kim’s jewelry was stolen from her in Paris. So the jewelry Taylor is bathing in could represent Kim’s stolen jewels and the fact that she was tied in her hotel room’s bathtub. But more disturbingly, she seems to make a gun with her fingers in the scene.

    Taylor bathing in Kim’s jewels

    She used this scene as the thumbnail of her video, highlighting it as the most important part of the entire thing.

    It also doesn’t seem coincidental that the snake she wears throughout the video, and subsequent Reputation appearances, is a ring. Kim’s robbers were going after her $4 million diamond ring in their attack. And tying the snake — Taylor’s nickname post Kardashian-gate — to the ring seems to be a personal slight against Kim.

    Hiss, hiss!