Scott Disick is being tested for paternity of Kylie’s baby


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Scott Disick is being tested for paternity of Kylie’s baby

‘He’s not off the list’

A few weeks ago it was reported Kylie's ex, Tyga, was calling for a DNA test, because he believed Stormi could belong to him and not Travis Scott.

Even though the two publicly split in April of 2017, an insider told Radar Online they were intimate 9 months prior to the birth of Stormi.

But now, OK! magazine is reporting that an insider told them the father of Kylie's baby might not be Travis or Tyga at all, but that it could be Scott Disick, as “He and Kylie were rumored to be an item once, so he’s not off the list.”

Disick, an ex of Kylie's sister Kourtney Kardashian, has fathered three children with the 38-year-old mom, but we know he's got his eyes on younger girls now.

According to the magazine, the girls' Momager, Kris, isn’t taking any chances, and “wants the candidates to take paternity tests,” which in this case includes Travis, Tyga and Scott.

The magazine once mistakenly called Kylie a “delivery room diva” two months before she gave birth, so let's pray they got it wrong, but there have been crossovers in the family so it's not out of the question — like Kendall getting with Travis before he got together with Kylie. Plus, Kendall has spent a lot of time dragging Disick on social media lately, but Kylie's spent none.


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