We asked girls for their most INSANE Spring Break sex stories and it got nasty, like, real quick


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We asked girls for their most INSANE Spring Break sex stories and it got nasty, like, real quick

Y’all don’t need a cruise, you need JESUS

Let's be honest: Spring Break was DESTINED to be nasty. I mean, it's all about binge drinking, wearing bikinis, and being close to tons of people your age. 15 people in a hotel room or 45 people in a 10-person beach house close. Spring Break season is upon us, so we were like, "Wow! Let's ask girls about their Spring Break stories," while we all mourn being stuck in cold af New York City. But of course, babe readers took nasty spring break stories to a whole other level.

Listen, y'all don't need a tropical vacation or a Norwegian cruise. Y'all need help.


During my high school's spring break, my friend group was bonding with another random friend group in their hotel room. I was talking to this cute, shy kid from my math class, and I was like, "Hey, can I take your virginity?" He laughed and said yes. I was like, "Ok, let's go." It wasn't a joke. We went into the bathroom, and I took it right there on the toilet! Everyone heard us. Embarrassing.


I had hooked up with my best friend's dad after a Christmas party, and then I did it again during spring break. Me and this friend were staying at a beach house, and he came to visit then ended up taking me to a motel to have sex. Later that week, I got my friend drunk and confessed what was going on. She said she already knew, and didn't really mind because her dad was an asshole.


On my senior spring break in high school, like 20 of my friends (and their boyfriends) rented a beach house. Being very unexperienced drinkers, we all got super fucked up the first night. One of my guy friends was so drunk, he vomited all over one of the bedrooms. But we knew it was really bad when he SHIT HIMSELF. We quarantined the nasty bedroom all break, and put a sign on it that said "John shit himself here." I will remember that on my deathbed. Poor kid.


I was on a college spring break at Myrtle Beach with my boyfriend and his fraternity brothers. I was pretty wasted one night and we were all just hanging out drunk in the hot tub. Being a messy bitch who lives for drama, I decided to stir things up. I said that at midnight, we all needed to run to the ocean and skinny dip. I actually got like 10 people to run to the beach with me, but when we got there, only me and my boyfriend stripped down. It was actually pretty hot to be naked in front of a bunch of people. He and I stayed behind after the whole ordeal and had sex on the beach, of course.


I went on spring break with a huge group of my friends my freshman year of college. We had a hot tub at the beach house we were renting, and like 8 of us thought it would be so funny to go in naked on our last day. We ended up playing this weird game of Truth or Dare that turned sexual really fast, and a bunch of us hooked up with each other in the hot tub, in the yard, and inside later. It was a weird, like, 8-hour-long orgy.


Last year, I had a foursome with a porn star in Miami. I had invited some of my guy friends in Miami to a party and one of them brought the porn star. We were flirting the whole night, but I was with two of my close girlfriends and the plan was for everyone to crash at one of their apartments. We went back, and me and the porn star started making out. My friends walked out of the other room, sat on our bed, and started touching him. One of them put her hand on his dick, laughed, and said, "It's a dick." We all started cracking up. Then, my other friend says, "Suck it," and the guy goes, "Yeah, suck it." She goes down on him while I make out with him, and my other friend has some stuff done to her. We all kept switching positions, and it was actually really awkward because none of us really wanted to fuck him. We were basically all fighting over who got to be eaten out.


It was like, 4 a.m. and I had spent all night clubbing in Cancun. But of course, my friends and I went to the hotel bar to round out the night. There were a few guys there, and one of them was flirting hard. He leaned over and asked me if I wanted to sneak out. I said yes, and we ended having sex on a lounge chair on the beach.


I was on a break from school and working at the Cannes Film Festival. My boss took me to this party that was amazing, and I got super drunk for free. Then, 3 a.m. rolled around and all my coworkers left. I was on a birthday high, so I went up to this pack of French men who spoke ZERO English, and I was like “Ok, who’s coming home with me?” They looked shocked, but one of them raised his hand. I grabbed him, took him with me to my Uber, drove us to a 24-hour pharmacy to pick up condoms, and brought him back to the apartment I was staying in. He went down on me until I came, then we had sex. He finished, and I literally said “Thank you!,” got his shoes, opened the door, and escorted him out.


I was drunk after a night out in the Gulf Shores, and a bunch of my guy friends were hanging out in my hotel room. I was really into one of them. So, I went in the bathroom, vomited, then came out and sat in his lap and started making out with him. Like, right after I vomited. I didn't brush my teeth, lol. The next morning, one of them told me they all heard me vomit and I was so humiliated. But apparently he liked me a lot, because we started talking after this whole thing.


I went on spring break with a fraternity my freshman year and while the entire week was insane, the thing that really stuck with me was the fact that they brought their chef and he made us fuck tons of edibles all week. Brownies, cookies, the occasional cake pop. He was also the coke guy, so you could say it was a fun time.


I was at PCB in college, back when it was fun. The very first day of break, my friends and I were determined to go really hard. We started drinking with mimosas at 10 a.m., and I was beyond wasted by the afternoon. We were on the beach and I was really into this guy we were hanging out with. We went in the water together and we just kinda started making out. We got out and basically just had sex between two towels. My friends have Snapchat evidence, lmao.