What’s On Your Face?: A babe writer opens up about having dry skin and being ‘ashy AF’


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What’s On Your Face?: A babe writer opens up about having dry skin and being ‘ashy AF’

It’ll cost you a pretty penny

'What’s On Your Face?' is babe’s new weekly skincare email, where we tell you all about what the girls at the office are using, so you can try it at home.

Name: Ari Bines

Age: 22 (almost 23)

Occupation: Staff writer at babe

Skin type: Dry AF

Favorite brands: Neutrogena and Ahava

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Don't hate me, but I've actually had pretty decent skin for basically my entire life. My sister was envious of me during all our years growing up, because my mom would say my skin was like butter it was so smooth.

But then high school and college happened and the stress set in, leaving me with bumps and dark spots to cry over while applying foundation.

So, I went on the hunt for some skincare products that would get my skin back to its original child-like state.

Firstly, wash your damn brushes

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With the brush plate on the left

I've learned that if you're not washing (and thoroughly) rinsing your brushes regularly, you're skin is never going to be right and tight. I beat my face everyday and spend my weekends cleansing my brushes so that I don't have leftover makeup stuffing my pores on top of the concealer I'm already applying.

Then, I scrub twice a day

Neutrogena's pink grapefruit has been my saving grace for years. It's my go-to for getting rid of stress acne and it does the job (for me at least) in a matter of days and it's only $8-$9, depending on size.

If you're not moisturizing, how are you alive right now?

I don't just focus on my face, but also my ashy ass body—I'm Black, we have this problem in the winter and you don't want anyone calling you out on it. My skin dries the second I leave the steam of my shower and apply this (wait for it) $30 Ahava mineral botanic body butter.

Moisturize your face, too

I'm so terrified of zits I spend (sorry, ya'll) $75 buckeroonies on Perricone MD's Pre empt series oil-free hydrating cream. The moment I stretch out my skin, I turn white—literally. The discomfort I have with dry skin is an uphill battle and my pockets pay the price every time.

Water, more water, and hydrate your lips

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Drinking a fuck ton of H2O is the real secret behind getting my silky smooth skin. I keep a giant bottle on my desk to refill every morning. I have to balance out the alcohol intake somehow.

Cucumber water is a refreshing for a long ass workday

The only thing cheap in my skin routine is this $24.99 Pearlessence cucumber water from Amazon that I spritz on my face throughout the day, so my foundation doesn't dry.

Keep your lips kissable

I've always been told that I had nice lips, but it's hard to decipher harassment from a compliment nowadays. Every morning, I brush my lips before or after brushing my teeth to rid all the excess skin to apply my $4.49 Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm.

I'm a high maintenance skincare binch, but hey, my clear skin is just one reason my coworkers are jealous of me.


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