So apparently there’s a #JusticeforTristan movement now, and I’m officially sick to my stomach


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So apparently there’s a #JusticeforTristan movement now, and I’m officially sick to my stomach

The… audacity

We all know the story by now: Tristan Thompson is an absolute dog who cheated on not one, but two pregnant women over the course of his lifetime — most recently, Khloe Kardashian.

But apparently, some people don't see Tristan as a scumbag. They see him as a victim — and aren't afraid to express themselves under the #JusticeForTristan tag on Twitter.

There's also a faction online that's under the impression that Tristan is innocent — and honestly, I can kind of get behind that, as long as they're 1000 percent joking because… c'mon.

Nobody actually thinks Tristan Thompson was saving a woman's life by sucking venom out of her lips, or telling her a secret or doing that weird smoke trick where you inhale and then exhale in someone's mouth.

But the grosser, fucked-up side of the whole #JusticeForTristan thing is that a lot of people are equating his videotaped cheating to sexual assault which… is not remotely okay.

People (cough, cough, men) are calling the women Tristan was caught cheating with "evil" and "predators," and saying that he was sexually assaulted, groped and exploited.

I don't think I really need to explain why, particularly now, that's not a funny joke.

Between this and the fact that Khloe is apparently taking his ass back, I feel like I need #JusticeForMyEyes after seeing this shit.

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